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For the last week we have been working on Architectural  Designs so needless to say  my kids and I have had fun checking out some  of these beautiful and breathtaking places. You would think that fairy tales are just fore kids but not always so here are some beautiful  places that look like they belong in a fairy tale.

1.Nautilus House
Located in New Mexico This under water  Shell like design made  By Javier Senosiain is in inspired by nature and occupied  by a family with two children for more information on this house check out this linkhttp://www.atlasobscura.com/places/nautilus-house-seashell-architecture

2. Neuschwanstein  Castel
Located in Hohenschwangau. Germany  This beautiful castle was to be a refuge for a reclusive king but it was open to the paying of the public soon after his death in 1886 since than more than 61 million have visited the castle.
3. The Crooked House
The crooked little house is located in Sopot .Poland it was inspired by fairy tale Illustrations by Jan Marcin Szancer this  commercial building is popular for tourist and photographers  

 4.Hansel And Gretel
Located in the Fairy Tale Forrest Theme Park  in The Nether Lands Inspired by the Brother Grimm
5.The Cathedral of Vasily
 The blessed is Located in Moscow,it was formally a church but now it is a Museum the beautiful range of colors make it worth the look fore more history http://www.saintbasil.ru/en/index.html
6. Sharma Springs
Sharma Springs was designed for the Sharma family  as jungle fantasy  escape  it is 6 level and 4 bedroom you can find more information here http://ibuku.com/keyprojects/sharma-springs/
7.The Strawberry Home Brazil
8.Kuchlbauer Tower 
Located in Bavari ,Germany This tower is a  observation tower designed by Austrian architect  Friednesreich Hundertwasser for more information http://www.kuchlbauers-bierwelt.de/THE-KUCHLBAUER-TOWER.28.0.html?&lang=en
9. Huilo- Huilo Biological Reserve Chile
This place is private for profit natural reserve eco tourism in Chile for more information http://www.gochile.cl/en/araucania-lakes-and-volcanoes/huilo-huilo-biological-reserve.html

10.Wadala Tower Mumbai,India 
11.The Crescent Moon Tower Dubai,

This  Cresent  Moon Tower boast a 33-story down-turned half moon on banks the banks of the Caspian Sea. 

12 Mont- Saint - Michel,France
An Island commune in  Normandy,France, Mont-Saint, Michel is Known fore being the Wonder of the West it attracts 3 million people a year The kingdom of Corona in Tangled was modeled of Mont-Saint Michel for more information http://www.glbrain.com/index.php?r=tool/view&id=23137&toolType=1

13 .Wat Rong Khun, Thailand
Wat Rong Khun Know to foreigners as the White Temple, it is a contemporary unconventional Buddhist Temple for more information http://travelsurround.com/wat-rong-khun-unconventional-buddhist-temple-chiang-rai-thailand/ 

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