The History of Film A Brief Summary

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I have to say movie nights are big with me and my kids we love to watch movies as a family. My children and I love to watch the classic movies starting from the era of 1940 to the 1980 are love of classic movies piqued the interest of  my children  which led to them asking me how Movies were made and when the first movie was ever made so we did are research and this what I found out.
The Movie camera was invented in 1880 the first film was invented in 1887-1890 with the first invention with motion-picture camera the films in the 1890 were under a minute long and there was no sound. In 1897, the film became several minutes long as well as a special rotating camera made for panning shots. The first studios were built in 1897 they also introduced special effects in 1900 they introduce more action sequence .The first full length motion picture was in 1906 it was a Australian Production. Regular news reel were exhibited from 1910 this became a popular way on finding about the news in 1910 the movies took the largest shares in the European countries except for France. They also introduce new film techniques as well as artificial lighting including fire effects and low lighting. When the introduction to sound came in to play, it was in the late 1940. If you wish to have more information, you can check out these links. 

This link will direct you to how films were made before the 1920.

This link has 17 of the oldest movies made by Thomas Edison.

 And here is another link on Thomas Edison.   

Here is a brief History how sound came in to the movies. 

The Horse in Motion was the first film made in 1878

Round Hay Garden Scene 1888

So I wanted to make this fun with some Movie Making Projects
First thing first is make your own movie  you can use a  camcorder are you can use a phone what ever works best have the kids act some of their own little skits and let them watch them self in action they will enjoy that.

Here is a link to some movie activities

Me and my kids love to make things out of cardboard so we decide we are going to make a camera from cardboard for fun here is some pics of cardboard camera can find these cardboard cameras on Pinterest.

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