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Water Is Vital For Are Body But It Is Often Ignored

Water Is Vital to your health

Did you know you can live up to fifty days without food but you can only live a few days without water? Water is a major component in both food and the human body and your body is composed of 50 percent to 60 percent of water. Water is distributed through your body to your soft tissues, blood, and other body fluids. Water is used in the digestion and absorption of food and is the medium of which most of the chemical reactions takes place within the body. Some water- based fluids like, blood transport substance around the body where other fluids can serve as cushions or lubricants. Water can help regulate your blood temperature.

You can also find water in almost all your foods particularly in your fruits, vegetables, and liquids. Some foods you consume are 80 to 90 percent of your daily water intake and the remainder through your metabolism. And did you know we lose water each day threw urine, feces and sweat and through evaporation from are lungs. Most people will be able to have a health water balance by consuming beverages at every meal and drinking water in response to thirst set levels of water intake to maintain hydration.

Under the guidelines men need to consume about 3.7 total liters of water and woman need to consume 2.7 liters a day and if you live in a hotter climate are exercise vigorously you will need to consume additional fluids to maintain a balance between water gain and water lost.

 Here is a link were you find activities and work sheets

Here is list of lesson plans and work sheets from PBS

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