Teach Your Kids How To Buid A Self Water Container For Their Plants

 Learn To Make A Self Water Container For Your Plants

 I wanted to find away for are plants to get water with out having to water them all the time so me and my kids decide to make a self water container. This is a  fun and easy project for the kids me my kids decide to go with a simple solution which was Reusing  a 2 liter bottle.And I can tell  you this it was a perfect idea fore putting are tomatoes and bell pepper seeds in you never half to guess when to put water  in and your soil will always stay at a perfect moisture. We ended up putting these plants in a window and so far so good.

What your going to need
You are going to need a 2 liter bottle thick string,soil.seeds and water a screw driver and hammer,and blade to cut the bottle.
Step 1
You will need to cut the bottle in half  use the screw driver and hammer to punch a hole in the center of the bottle cap.

Step 2
Cut the string in 1-1.5 long  double it over  and tie a loop in it I have found if you twist the string it will absorb the water if not it does not always work right.

Step 3
You will want to pull the string threw the cap make sure the knot is on the inside of the lid this will act as a wick, it will draw water up from the bottom and in to the soil the plant will only take what it will need making it perfect moisture .

Step 4
Put the cap back on the bottle top and put the nest back on the bottom base add  the soil and seeds add a little water in the soil to get it started. And after that the plant will be able to draw water when needed.
Step 5
When you need to ad water to the bottom it will easy to fill

For those who are visual Learners here is a how to video enjoy

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