Glow In The Dark Projects

Glow in the Dark Projects

Me and the kids love to find projects that glow in the dark the kids get a kick out of it and have so much fun making them. And I figured it would be fun to share with you the projects we have made

So the first on my list is Lava Lamps my kids love the colors and  love looking at them and we have three for each kid her is some instructions on how to make them.

Next on my list is Home Made Slime my kids can never  get a nuff of making slime so much fun. here is a link on how to make the slime

Here is another fun project learn how to make Glow Jars your kids will not be board here is the link

So next on my list is Glow In The Dark Body Paint this one is messy but fun to have a paint fight here is the instructions

Here is one more fun project that the kids will absolutely love Glow In The Dark Sand here is the link.

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