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Teaching Kids How To Build A Bottel Rocket

Here is a fun and easy project for kids to learn about rockets and how they work. You can teach kids five and up how to build this project they will enjoy watching as the  rocket launch and so will you .

This experiment will show you how build up in pressure can launch a rocket.As we pump air through the water the pressure inside the bottle builds up until the force of the air pushing on the water is enough to push the cork out of the end of the bottle. The water rushes out of the bottle in one direction whilst the bottle pushes back in the other. This results in the bottle shooting upwards.
Here is what you will need
an empty plastic bottlecardboard made into a cone and  4 finsa corka pump with a needle adapterwaterInstructions Push the needle adapter of the pump through the cork, it needs to go all the way through so you might have to trim the cork a little bit.Decorate the bottle with the cone and fins.Fill the bottle one quarter full of water and push the cork in tightly.Take the bott…

Teach The Kids How The Heart Pumps

Here is a  hands on way to show your kids how the heart pumps.

Make A Heart Pump Project  Find the amazing muscles that make your heart pump blood every day. Make a pumping jar using a jar a balloon and two straws to get how your heart works .
What You Need  Beaker or a Glass Jar  Large Balloon 2 flexible drinking straws  Wooden Skewer Scissors water tape large pan are sink
What You  Do 
Fill the jar half full of water.Cut the neck of the balloon off at the part where it starts to widen into a balloon. Set the neck part aside.Stretch the balloon over the opening of the jar, pulling it down as tightly as you can. The flatter you can get the surface of the balloon, the better.Carefully use the tip of a skewer to poke two holes in the surface of the balloon. Make them about an inch apart from each other and near opposite edges of the jar.Stick the long part of a straw into each hole. The straws should fit securely in the holes so no air can get through around the straws.Slide the uncut end of the bal…

Planets That Created History

Planets That Took The World By St
When you see planets do you think of the history they have are have you never gave it a thought. I love reading about planets and teaching the kids about the history behind it here is a few planets that stormed the world
Papyrus  Pepper  Tea Sugarcane  Cotton  Cacao Cinchona Rubber Potato Corn
Papyrus  Was born in Egypt Nile Delta river now grows in shallow lakes throughout Africa, Madagascar and Mediterranean countries you will know longer find it Egypt .The planet does not like winter it will not be able to grow in the cold. It loves full sun with enough moisture to keep it roots wet all summer. Papyrus is 6,000 years old, as old as the first cities in Egypt the oldest known Papyrus paper is an account sheet from sometime around 2600 BCE. Belonging to the sedge family grassy planets. It grows in marshy areas, and has clumps of triangular green stems-, which can stand tall as a giraffe-top by thin feathery stalks. Now people use this planet more as a decorative p…

Teach The Kids How To Make Slime

Here is a easy and fun project your kids will love learn how to make slime . Slime is real easy to make and not to mention fun the little ones have a great time making this so here is what you need to get started 
Water  White Glue Like Elmer's  Borax  Food Coloring 
Instruction  1 teaspoon of Borax  mixed with one cup of water mixed until dissolved in a separate container mix 1 half cup of glue 1 half cup of water add your food coloring mix  it up then you add the  solutions together  then you will have slime store in a plastic bag 
 Here is a step by step video on how to make slime  Here is a way to make edible chocolate slime  Ingredients  14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk2 tablespoons chocolate syrup1-1/2 tablespoons cornstarch                                              Make the Chocolate SlimeIn a saucepan over low heat, stir together the milk, chocolate syrup and cornstarch. Stir and heat until the mixture thickens. Remove from heat. Allow the chocolate slime to cool. Enjoy! When …

Teaching Kids about Carbon Cycle with a Bottle Ecosystem

This summer you should teach your kids about the The Carbon Cycle with a Bottle Ecosystem
A bottle ecosystem is a fantastic way to teach your kids how the population of planets interact these are great for class projects or science fairs here is one of the simple aquatic  ecosystems       you will have fun making.
What you will Need  You will need a 2 or 3  litter bottle you will need planets   your choice of fish,snails,tadpoles rocks  you can easily go to your local aquarium  store if you like and purchase this all or if you are close to a river or a pond that would be a great place to get all of your materials.
Water  I recommend you bring a bucket to the pond or river to get the water that way you get all the microorganisms presented in your ecosystem.  And if you are going in to the Aquarium store tell them you are doing a bottle ecosystem and they will be able to help you with water and all the other things you will need . If you have none of these options you can use Tap Water let sit 24…

Teaching Kids About The Digestive System

The human digestive system is a complex series of organs and glands that processes food. In order to use the food we eat, our body has to break the food down into smaller molecules that it can process; it also has to excrete waste. Most of the digestive organs (like the stomach and intestines) are tube-like and contain the food as it makes its way through the body. The digestive system is essentially a long, twisting tube that runs from the mouth to the anus, plus a few other organs (like the liver and pancreas) that produce or store digestive chemicals.

When you are teaching kids about the digestive system it should be fun that way they will always remember how their digestive system works.It is to read from a book but they have more fun with hands on experiments also kids love playing games ,and watching the videos so I have put together a collection THIS SITE CONTAINS THE FULL INFORMATION AND WILL PRINT HUMAN DIGESTIVE SY…

Today Technology And How Mind Blowing It Is

Concepts represent the very cutting edge future of technology and product design. Every gadget that defines the tech world now started off as a simple drawing on a piece of paper, so it would be remiss not to keep a watchful eye on concept tech. The challenge istocreate aconcept that is relevant to the time and raisesquestions of what designs will look like in the future.In previous years,concepts have been requested for healthy eating ,sustainable living  , the internet generation and ever shrinking city spaces 

Tread Mill That Washes Your close 

you  can find out more on the treadmill that wash your closes here

The Value of are Wet Lands Free Resources

Simple Ways To Preserve fruit and vegetables

For those of you who love your fresh veggies and fruit and want to preserve what you grow are buy here is how you can do it  you can freeze them you can do your own canning ,pickling  or dehydrate them all great methods and will save you a lot on your grocer bill.
here is a few links to get you started you will have fun with this processes not to mention the family time you will have while  make your yummy food.

In The World Of K'Nex

Last month I went to are local thrift store that I like to go to find things for  art ,projects and science projects  also I find a lot of used homeschooling  material there as well it always a great choice when you need to find school supplies on a budget.As I was looking around my kids came across this hidden treasure a K'Nex  kit what a surprise a full kit just sitting there so my kids automatically start playing with in the store so I ask the clerk how much he wanted for them and because I am A regular and he saw how much fun the kids were having with them he talk to the owner and they decide to give them to me  for free I was so happy and so were the kids so here is what the kit looks like



History Of JuneTeenth

JuneTeenth Day

JuneTeenth Day celebrates and symbolizes the end of slavery in the United States.President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September,22,1862  it was not until June,19,1865 that all slaves were finally freed That conclude event was when General Gordon Granger rode into Galveston Texas with his troops and order Number 3 which finally freed the last of the slaves the formal end of slavery was marked by the passing of the 13 amendment and the constitution.

More Information
For more information on Holiday Days and other days check out this link