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Planets That Created History

Planets That Took The World By St 
When you see planets do you think of the history they have are have you never gave it a thought. I love reading about planets and teaching the kids about the history behind it here is a few planets that stormed the world


Was born in Egypt Nile Delta river now grows in shallow lakes throughout Africa, Madagascar and Mediterranean countries you will know longer find it Egypt .The planet does not like winter it will not be able to grow in the cold. It loves full sun with enough moisture to keep it roots wet all summer. Papyrus is 6,000 years old, as old as the first cities in Egypt the oldest known Papyrus paper is an account sheet from sometime around 2600 BCE. Belonging to the sedge family grassy planets. It grows in marshy areas, and has clumps of triangular green stems-, which can stand tall as a giraffe-top by thin feathery stalks. Now people use this planet more as a decorative planet it has greenish or brownish flowers during summer and it produce nut like fruits. You can find more information here

Born in India's Malabar Coast now part of Kerala state Pepper is 5,000 years old, it thrives in tropical regions with alternating heavy rains and dry session’s .Most types of loose, well-drained soil. It does not like growing without trees or stakes Pepper grows on a woody vine that can reach up to as high as 10 -meter 33 foot driving platform .Cluster of tiny white flowers small berries called popcorn. Here is more information

Born in China nearly 3,000 years old some have said that the Chinese emperor Shen Nung discovered tea by accident 2737 BCE. He was drinking hot water when the dry leaves of a tea planet fell in to his drink and he like the taste of it! Is it true? I think it is a good story. It loves Moist, well-drained soil, partly shaded. Warm temperatures it does not like very cold temperatures below 18-*C O *F or fungus and insects that chew its leaves. Tea comes from a evergreen shrub with shiny pointed leaves and fragrant white flowers. Wild tea planets can grow as high as a two story but they are pruned to a door knob to encourage new growth. Here is more information 

Born from New Guinea and Indonesia it is about 8,000 years old it does not like frost. It likes warm temperatures strong sunlight and lot of rain year around and a variety of soils Sugarcane's ,likes bamboo, is actually a type of grass It has a jointed bamboo- like stalks that contain sweet sap Sugarcane can be cut at a 12-18 month period when it is twice the height of a adult

Born in the tropical regions Cotton was first cultivated by farmers in India ,China and Peru  Cotton is 7,000 years old it was born when the last ice age ended It does not like frost or boil weevils which chew on their unopened pods It does well in all climates or elevations as long as it gets lot of rain in its first three months It is a shrubbery planet  with white flowers  and pods called bolls which contain seeds and hairy fibers. All parts of the cotton planet is useful in some way Cotton seed oil is an ingredient in food products, and leftover seed hulls become cattle feed.

Was born in South America Amazon Rain forest believed to be about 3,000 years old I t does not like to much sun. And crowding when trees are crowded they are vulnerable to diseases and insects like mealybugs which spread a deadly planet virus  It thrives in constant warmth with humidity and shade ,and prefer lower elevation these conditions are only founding places closer to  the equator Malaysia ,central Africa ,the Caribbean, and the northern half of South Africa. Cacao beans grow on an ever green tree. In football shaped pods when the tree is three to four years old it carries 30 to 40 Whitish, almond- shape seeds called beans Here is More information

Born in Peru and Ecuador Cinchona traveled to Europe in 1631 but it was well known in South America long before that. It thrives in higher elevations prefers the thick jungles on the eastern slopes and the valleys of the Indies Mountains. I t does not like to much sun or cold temperature this ever can grow has 5 to 10 feet story's It leaves are flat wide and shiny and its white red or pink flowers are covered in hair for more information   


Born in the Amazon and the Rain forest Brazil rubber was reread thousands of years old before the Europeans Explores saw the indigenous people of Central America using it and that was in the 16th  century  it  likes plenty of rain fall and shade It does not like frost or fungus called South American leaf blight which spreads quickly among trees planted to closely together.Natural rubber is made from latex and the white sap made from the Brazilian rubber tree the rubber tree can grow to the height of 15 story's 


Born from Peru and Bolivia  it is 13,000 years old it is a wild planet people started growing potatoes around 3,000 to 7,000 years ago .I t like many elevations and almost any types of soil potatoes need lots of water while they are growing underground .They do not like Colorado beetles and fungus such as potato blight . The leafy perennial planet can grow as tall as school desk. Thousands of variety of potatoes have different skin colors brown, red, white, yellow, blue and purple

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