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20 Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

If I was to ask you what it was that you loved about homeschooling What would be your answer? Last night I decided to write down what I loved about homeschooling. I thought my list would be fun to share.Here is my  20 reasons  why I love to homeschool.

1.) I get to be part of my children education. 2.)Not feeling rushed to get the kids out the door for school in the morning. 3.)No Alarm Clocks  4.)I am able to customize my children's curriculum. 5.)I am able to change the curriculum if it's not working for my family. 6.)Avoiding negative peer influence. 7.) We get to enjoy public places that would be crowded during the summer. 8.)No school bells to rush my kids to next class. 9.) Family field trips 10.) Learning new things alongside my children. 11.) No battles over homework. 12.) enjoying great books. 13.) My kids are allowed to be themselves. 14.) Teaching my kids about nutrition and how to make healthy meals. 15.) I love to see my kids faces when they learn something new a…

Questions I Have Been Asked About Homeschooling

One thing I have learned in the last five years,when it comes to people who have never homeschooled they have lots of questions. They are naturally curious on how homeschooling works and they are not shy when it comes to asking questions. And I have always welcome the questions, no matter how many times the questions come up. I decided to list the top ten questions I get asked frequently and my answers too them.

My first question is the one that comes up in every conversation.
1.)How do you socialize your children with other children? When and how does this happen?
My answer- My children have other activities outside the home, and they socialize with both homeschoolers and Traditional schoolers. My children play with their friends everyday. My kids are also signed up in outside classes they have art,music and science with are local science center.

2.) Have your children always been homeschooled?
 My answer - Yes!!

3.) Do you set your own hours?
My answer? Yes we normally will work throu…