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15 Fantastic Pictures Of Food Art

 My kids love to create it does not matter where we go they end up making new projects. I like to find project ideas that will provide inspiration. Food seems to be one of their favorite things to create; with they appreciate the experience of creating something magical. My children have discovered that all things are possible when it comes to creating and making art. As I watch my kids, I see their excitement from playing and creating with their food so I thought it would be fun to show you where they have found some of their recent inspiration from. Here are some food art pics created by some talented designers. All these images I have found on other blogs or of Pinterest
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Make A Spring Collage

Today me and my girls decide we were going to make are spring collages, this happens to be one of my favorite things to do with my kids " separately but together. " I like to keep my old magazines just for this reason,  first thing I like to do is grab my stack of old magazines and hand each of my children a pair of scissors, glue and a piece of posterboard but this time we used construction paper for are collages.’ I told my kids to pick the images that they would like and to arrange them as they like, it is amazing to notice the different message that each collage contains .You will be surprised when you are finished ; me and the girls had fun showing of are collages. The collages allowed them too express, threw pictures and given them total freedom to be there selves.

Trisha collage 

30 American Heroes Challenge

Today I challenge my kids to name me 30 American heroes. I told them they could be men or women, young, old from the past, or present, living or dead.  I expressed  to make sure whoever they pick had to make an exceptional and positive contribution to or world. At first, my kids came up with a few people that they had study on. Then my son said mom one of my heroes, is Spiderman I explained to my son that Spiderman was an imaginary hero, not an American hero. I knew coming up with a list of 30 wasn't going to be easy, for them. I told my kids to think of some men and women that they admire and look up to. I told them there is list of groups to choose from such as artist, aviators, scientists, journalists, inventors, athletes; I told them some are well known. And others deserved to be known. I told my kids who they choose should share admirable qualities: exceptional talent, and fierce determination. I explained to them that the American heroes should be courageous, confident, and …

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,

I remember as a kid I would sit with built up anticipation for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, to come on the television during those days there were no quick streaming, or calling up to order a movie like there is today. And to the best of my memory, I don’t recall it playing that much on TV. I would even do a happy dance, whenever Willy Wonka, came on I would stop everything I was doing so I could watch the movie. And  I still stop everything I am doing  just to watch Willy Wonka I, will even checked the movie  out a few times a year from the library I literally love this movie . As a parent, I really looked forward to sitting down with my children to read the classic book, Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory written by Roald Dahl’s and finish of with the movie.My kids get a good giggle in  while they watch the movie. The kids and I love the idea of how Wonka would give his candy business to a deserving child and you can’t ask for a mor…

Family Time Blowing Off Steam

My children contain lots of energy. As much as I enjoy staying at home my children, do much better outside rather than inside the house, making it is necessary to plan a family adventure with lots of fun. It is even more fun if the adventure is a physical one-hiking up a mountain, going camping, and fishing, sometimes outdoor museums, going to indoor trampoline parks, even skating  at the park know matter how large  or small the adventure is my kids benefit and enjoy themselves from being out and being physical. I enjoy planning are next outing ahead of time it gives us something to look forward to, I make sure to arrange my schedule to make it a priority. The family adventures more likely to rejuvenated-and refocused-us all, allowing us more time to handle, and thrive from daily pressures we face .I am grateful  to have this time with my family I enjoy each and everyday we have together.

Teach your kids how to make Hair Gel from Plain Gelatin

Teach your kids how to make Hair Gel from Plain Gelatin
How would you like to make your own hair gel at home? My kids were interested in learning how to make their own hair gel, so I decided toward natural substances for their hair. In addition, we found a simple and fun solution that the kids can prepare all by themselves and not to mention cheap. All you will need is a few ingredients, to create this recipe and you will have just as much fun as we did when we prepared this hair gel.

The Recipe for Plain Gelatin
What you need   1 and half teaspoons of gelatin powder  1 cup of water1 bowl that can go in the microwave or you  can use the stove if you preferspoon

What to do 1.Measure the ingredients. 2.Mix the gelatin powder with the water in a bowl. 3.Put the mixture in the microwave on high for one minute or on the stove until it boils. 4.Careful remove the mixture from the microwave or stove. 5.Stir until the entire gelatin dissolves. (Careful, it may be hot.) 6.You will want to chill the mix…

Make your own list of the Seven Wonders of the World

Make your own list of the Seven Wonders of the World
If you were to turn the pages in a Magazine or look on line, you would see a top ten list. It might be a year’s top ten list of places to visit or maybe it is a list of top ten fashion styles   in my case it would be a list of top ten homeschool blogs one of the oldest list is actually a top -seven  list! A Greek poet, Anti-pater of Sidon, made this list over 2,100 years ago; he made this list of what he thought was most spectacular creations of his day. Most of them he has never seen! A lot of people are unsure to why he created this list Maybe he thought this list would help visitors along the Mediterranean. His list had consisted of two tombs, a temple a garden, a wall, and two statues. The first person to refer to the seven wonders was Herodotus in the 5th century B.C. he made a list with Hanging Gardens of   Babylon and the pyramids were a few among other on his list. During the time of the Renaissance, there were many intell…

How I Overcame Homeschool Burnout Mode

My Confession

In the five years I have homeschooling I can honestly say I Love to homeschool but that has not always been the case. There have been days when I have felt run-down by it all. Homeschool can be rewarding and challenging as well great deal of time leaving me feeling overwhelmed, emotionally, physically; spiritually sometimes it is too much leaving me at that burnout mode. I have done all I can to encourage my children and guide them through their homeschooling needs I feel as they don’t understand what I am trying to teach them. I was baffled and seeking answers I felt like I was on this roller-coaster ride that was never going to end .There was so many times I felt like saying I don’t want to homeschool no more and then I remember why I was homeschooling in the first place and the negative thoughts diminished. As I said before I love homeschooling and there is no greater joy then being a mom I search-for answers from homeschooling moms and some of the moms knew exactly …

50 Famous Art Museums Around The World

If you are looking for some history, Sculptors, Mysterious Paintings I have put together a list   for you. Here is a list of the  top 50 of the most famous Museums, that I know you will enjoy . 1. Louvre, Pairs- One of the world’s largest Museums and his a historic landmark of Paris, France and is home to the Mona Lisa 2. British Museum, London- the British Museum is dedicated to human culture 3. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York-one of the largest Museums in the US and the tenth largest in the world. 4. National Gallery, London - This Museum has a collection of 2,300 paintings dating back from the mid-13th century to 19th century 5. Vatican Museums, Vatican Rome, Vatican City Rome- 6. Tate Modern, London-A collection of Modern Art dating back to 1900 until now 7. National Palace Museum-Taipe…

The Great Wall Of China Facts For Kids

The Great Wall of China meaning Long Wall Other Name -The 10,000 Li-Long Wall the meaning is 5,000-kilometer-long wall
The world’s largest and longest wall from ancient Architect
Emperor Quien had order for the The 10,000 Li-Long Wall to be built in order to keep out northern invaders. The Great Wall of China is 6000 km long but is now estimated around 50000 km.(1368 and 1644)The Ming Dynasty was in charge of it reconstruction the great wallThe Great Wall was constructed by soldiers ,laborers, criminal and common people It has been estimated over a million people died during constructing the wall.The height of the is said to 25 feet high and it ranges between 15 to 30 feet wide,The wall is made up of several materials  made with lime stone, earth bricks and wood Contrary believes would have you think the wall in one large wall when in fact it is made up of different sections overtime they were built by several  dynasty added more to the w…

Celebrate Harriet Tubman March 10

March 10th is Harriet Tubman Day !

Harriet Tubman is a woman that is worth celebrating and teaching my kids about I was pleased to know she had her Own Holiday, President George Bush declared March 10 Harriet Tubman day.2003 Governor George Pataki  of New York declared it a state holiday. In celebration of her life we should remember her commitment to freedom and her extraordinary courage as well her struggle to abolish slavery.

Harriet Tubman was born March 1820 and Died March 10, 1913 at the age of 91
Harriet Tubman was a woman who escaped slavery and led hundreds of slaves to safety using the Underground Rail Road she made 19 trips through the underground. She had served as a Nurse a Scout, Cook and she was even a Union Spy for the United States Army during the Civil War, she had risked her own freedom  and safety to help others to safety, She would continue to work for  justice and human dignity. Harriet Tubman was a brave and selfless 
Here is a few links to Free Resources Here is a …

Tips For New Home School Families

For those of you who just started to home school and feel over whelmed with it all here is a few tips that might help you on your journey.

1. For those of you who just pulled your child from public school or Private to homeschool I would suggest you take some time off and readjust it is ok to take a few days some people take longer than that just depends on the family. Get to know your child's learning style it will help you when you’re ready to get back to learning.. Just because it works for other families it may not work for yours. 
2. Learning is fun help your kids by allowing them to pick a subject they want to learn and make it as fun as you can children pick up on everything they learn try using projects are documentaries to help I also make a lot of field trips and my kids love it. For those of you who just pulled your child from public school or Private to homeschool I would suggest you take some time off and readjust it will be alright to take a few days some people need…

Free Star Wars Printable Worksheets And Coloring Pages Kids Will Love

My eight year old son Robin is the biggest fan of Star Wars he has collected all the  star wars movies thanks to his grandparents. He also has a large collection of star wars figurines. And it was his love of star wars that got me thinking how I can incorporate star wars in to his daily home school activities I end up doing a massive search and I was surprised on how much resources there is so I wanted to share my find with all of you who might have their own star wars fan and would like to use some of these resources. Star Wars in the classroom for educators who love using star wars to help teach their kids  Royal Baloo has a collection of  Star wars  worksheet packs for  from k-2. Free star wars  pack from 3 Dinosaur 
To The Moon and Back has free alpha…

A List of Living Farms Museums In The United States,

How would you like to go back to a  much simpler time were you can live like a pioneer and learn how life on a farm was in the 1700, 1850,and 1900  see the past come to life threw  Historical Reenactments  learn about the heritage breeds, the plants, seed cultivation,  traditional, and other practices  food ways learn about food recipes and so much more if you  like to experience it first hand  and your  answer is yes you should check out  this List of Living Farms  Museums


Landmark, Park Dothan
The park features a 1890's living history  farm and they have a One Room School House,General Store,and turn of the Century Church Alaska they offer


Alaskan Native  Heritage Center, Anchorage,
A place were every one can come learn about Alaska indigenous people.


Orcutt Ranch Horticulture ,Los Angeles
1920 historic home a …