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A List of Living Farms Museums In The United States,

 How would you like to go back to a  much simpler time were you can live like a pioneer and learn how life on a farm was in the 1700, 1850,and 1900  see the past come to life threw  Historical Reenactments  learn about the heritage breeds, the plants, seed cultivation,  traditional, and other practices  food ways learn about food recipes and so much more if you  like to experience it first hand  and your  answer is yes you should check out  this List of Living Farms  Museums


Landmark, Park Dothan
The park features a 1890's living history  farm and they have a One Room School House,General Store,and turn of the Century Church Alaska they offer


Alaskan Native  Heritage Center, Anchorage,
A place were every one can come learn about Alaska indigenous people.


Orcutt Ranch Horticulture ,Los Angeles
1920 historic home a manicured gardens you will enjoy all has to offer.

Stein Family Farm/National City Living History Farm Preserve San Diego
This is a living Farm  with a Victorian Farm House with a 100+ year Barn kids will enjoy meeting the animals,picking fruit and so much more.


Mission San Lus De Apalachee,Tallahassee
 This is a Recreation of 17th century colonial village  on  site of a old Spanish Mission .

Morning Side Nature Center Gainesville;Programs/SeasonalPrograms.aspx
Living History Farm of the 1870  enjoy Nature at your own pace .

Panhandle Pioneer Settlement Living History Museum, Blountstown
The Panhandler Settlement with a living history Museum from 1820-1940's  now on 5 acres.

Explore Farms and enjoy the town of 19th century living visit the sawmill and many more places enjoy the environment.

Westville Plantation,Lumpkin
Living History museum of 1850 Georgia Village third oldest  living plantation with a 2 story home that once sat on cotton plantation,


Kona Coffee Living History Farm,Kona District
Coffee farm first homestead in 1900 the only living Coffee Farm in the nation worth checking it out.


Blackberry Farm, Aurora
Living History farm where pioneer life is recreated and your experience will be  one to remember.

Corron Farms,Campton Hills
1835 Historic Corron Farms enjoy the beautiful scenery and much more.

Garfield Farm And Inn  Museums.Campton Hills
Enjoy life on the Prairie learn about Apple tree grafting and much more to enjoy .

Peck Farm Park, Geneva

Kline Creek Farm,West Chicago
Enjoy this 1890 history Farm take a tour enjoy every thing it has to offer

Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site ,Charleston
Have fun visiting this 1840 farm while learning  about life for the Lincoln family.

Naper Settlement ,Naperville
Relive the early frontier life see how the early pioneers tap maple trees and turned sap into maple syrup.

Primrose Farm,St Charles Township
Life on a farm in early 19th century have fun learning the history on Primrose farm.

Volkening Herritage Farm,Schamburg
1880  American-German farm community supported by the dairy industry  with animals and buildings on it.

Wagner Farm,Glenview County
This is a Historic farm one of the last  dairy farms in Cook county.


Amish Acres Historic Farms And Heritage Resort ,Nappanee
Enjoy food and tour on this historic Amish House and Barn and much more,

Buckley Homestead  History Living Farm,Lowell
County park and museum

Conner Prairier ,Fishers
Enjoy everything you love all in one spot

Lincoln Boyhood  National Memorial, Lincoln City
Lincoln boyhood historic farm and memorial

Prophetstown  State Park Battle Ground

Historic Tunnel Mill, Charlestown
Living Museum of civil  war.

Living History Farms, Urbandale
Living Farms were Iowans tell the story of how they lived.

Usher Ferry Historic Village, Cedar Rapid
They provide family entertainment and so much more a place to enjoy yourself as well as the past.


Mountain Home place,Staffordsville
This is living working Farm from the 1850 have fun with exploring and learning the history .

Shaker Village Of Pleasant Hill, Mercer County
Enjoy the beautiful countryside and learn about the past as well has the landmarks and the history of the Kentucky people.


Carroll County Almshouse Farms, Westminster
19th century Farmhouse with animals and buildings and so much more to explore enjoy the country charm.

National Colonial Farm, Acckeek,1027847.html

Oxon Cove Park and Oxon Hill Farm,
Oxon Hill
Come visit this working Farm visit the gardens ,animal ,building and much more.


Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge
Learn about Maple in 1830 enjoy the costumed story telling and rides.

Pioneer Village, Salem
Learn about this 1630 pioneer village and the Puritans who sailed here from England

Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth
17th century village with fun and the past come to life with actors.

Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm,Newbury
1690 friendly farm with education and much more

Waters farm, Sutton
Tis is a historic farm built in 1757


Greenfield Village, Dearborn
The Henry Ford indoor outdoor museum


Heman Gibbs Farmstead, Falcon Heights
Enjoy the farmhouse and village

The Landing ,Shakopee
Learn about the land and the three river

Oliver H.Kelley Homestead , Elk River
1860 farm house owned by Oliver H. Kelley


Stuhr Museum of the Prairie of the Pioneer, Grand Island
Exhibits the daily life's of Grand Island

Wessels History Farm, York
Enjoy the life and history of the 1900 farm

New Hampshire

New Hampshire   Farm Museum, Milton
Three centuries of New Rual Hampshire life
New Jersey

Howell living History  Farm, Titusvillie
Enjoy this rel working history farm from the 1900

New Mexico

New Mexico Farm Ranch Heritage Museum , Las Cruces
Interact and learn about life on farm in New Mexico

Eanal Village,Rome
l Rancho de las Golondrinas, Santa Fe County
Enjoy the life on 1700Working Ranch

New York

Erie C
Farmers Museum,Cooperstown
Stroll threw 1845 village with a farm and animals and crafts.

Genesee County Village and Museum,Mumford
Learn about the civil war threw reenactment

Mabee Farm Historic Site, Rotterdam Junction

Muscoot Farms,Somers

Musuem Village. Monroe
Old Beth Page Village Old Beth Page. Long Island New York

Queens County Farm Museum Glen oaks. Queen

Storm King Art Center. Mountvillie
One of the Largest Sculptor Parks

North Carolina

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, Flat Rock
This was a got farm were a famous poet lived until his death

Historic Latta Plantation, Huntersville
19th century cotton Plantation

Horne Creek Living Historical Farm, Pinnacle
A restored 1900 hundred farm house with crops and so much more.
North Dakota

Frederick A.and Sophia Bagg Bonanza Farm, Richland County


Hale Farm and Village, Bath Township,Summit County
A glimpse in to the life in 1860

Heritage Village Museum, Sharonville

Malbar Farm State Park,Richard County

Sauder Village,Archbold,Ohio


Dorris Ranch living  History Farm ,Springfield
Working Farm with trails and much more to explore.

Dufur Historical Society Living History Museum, Dufur

High Desert Museum, Bend

Philip Foster Farm on the Oregon Trail Eagle creek, Oregon

Sheerwood Heritage Center,Sheerwood


Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation Edgemont Township,Delware County

Rhode Island

Casey Farm,Saunderstown

Coggshall  FarmMuseum, Bristol

Watson Farm ,Jamestown

South Carolina

Kings Mountain State Park,Blacksburg


Exchange Place -Gaines Preston Farm,Kingsport

Museum Of  Appalachia,Norris

The Homeplace, Land Between Lake Tennessee


Barrington Living History Farm, Washington-on-the-Brazos


Chippokes Plantation State Park,Surry

Claude Moore Colonial Farm ,Mclean

Frontier Culture Museum of Virgina,Staunton

Matthew History Farm , Independence
Enjoy the like about the farm

This is the Place Heritage Park, Salt Lake City


Pomeroy Living  History Farm,Yacolt
Enjoy life in the country

West Virginia

Watters Smith Memorial State Park,Hrrison County
Pioneer homestead and museum


Old World Wisconsin,Eagle


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