The Great Wall Of China Facts For Kids

The Great Wall of China meaning Long Wall
Other Name -The 10,000 Li-Long Wall the meaning is 5,000-kilometer-long wall

The world’s largest and longest wall from ancient Architect


  • Emperor Quien had order for the The 10,000 Li-Long Wall to be built in order to keep out northern invaders. 
  • The Great Wall of China is 6000 km long but is now estimated around 50000 km.
  • (1368 and 1644)The Ming Dynasty was in charge of it reconstruction the great wall
  • The Great Wall was constructed by soldiers ,laborers, criminal and common people 
  • It has been estimated over a million people died during constructing the wall.
  • The height of the is said to 25 feet high and it ranges between 15 to 30 feet wide,
  • The wall is made up of several materials  made with lime stone, earth bricks and wood 
  • Contrary believes would have you think the wall in one large wall when in fact it is made up of different sections overtime they were built by several  dynasty added more to the wall .
  • Some of the well maintenance parts of the wall is the most visited by tourist in Beijing.
  • Some of the wall may be renovated or has been under construction and other parts of the wall have been vandalized or destroyed either by Mother Nature or by people.
It has been said that you can see the Great Wall of China from space but that is false

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