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20 Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

If I was to ask you what it was that you loved about homeschooling What would be your answer? Last night I decided to write down what I loved about homeschooling. I thought my list would be fun to share.Here is my  20 reasons  why I love to homeschool.

1.) I get to be part of my children education. 2.)Not feeling rushed to get the kids out the door for school in the morning. 3.)No Alarm Clocks  4.)I am able to customize my children's curriculum. 5.)I am able to change the curriculum if it's not working for my family. 6.)Avoiding negative peer influence. 7.) We get to enjoy public places that would be crowded during the summer. 8.)No school bells to rush my kids to next class. 9.) Family field trips 10.) Learning new things alongside my children. 11.) No battles over homework. 12.) enjoying great books. 13.) My kids are allowed to be themselves. 14.) Teaching my kids about nutrition and how to make healthy meals. 15.) I love to see my kids faces when they learn something new a…

Questions I Have Been Asked About Homeschooling

One thing I have learned in the last five years,when it comes to people who have never homeschooled they have lots of questions. They are naturally curious on how homeschooling works and they are not shy when it comes to asking questions. And I have always welcome the questions, no matter how many times the questions come up. I decided to list the top ten questions I get asked frequently and my answers too them.

My first question is the one that comes up in every conversation.
1.)How do you socialize your children with other children? When and how does this happen?
My answer- My children have other activities outside the home, and they socialize with both homeschoolers and Traditional schoolers. My children play with their friends everyday. My kids are also signed up in outside classes they have art,music and science with are local science center.

2.) Have your children always been homeschooled?
 My answer - Yes!!

3.) Do you set your own hours?
My answer? Yes we normally will work throu…

Writing Prompts Use Digital Photos For Writing

Are you looking for new and creative ways to get you out your writing funk?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,using digital photos can help inspire a writer with ideas. When creating something out of the ordinary by combining two or more elements.
 I have gathered a collection of some amazing examples of photos to use for writing prompts. They are wonderful  and imaginative illustrations.You can find these images on Google enjoy 

Silhouette Self-Portraits

One art project I loved as a child was Silhouette Self-Portraits. I remember my art teacher trace my Silhouette onto the black paper. And still to this day I still have it kept in my scrapbook of artwork. I decided for a  fun art project to do with my children will be a Silhouette Self-Portrait with more of a twist to it I found on Pinterest collage style silhouettes that were really intreasting. The purpose of this style is to create a collage of things to represent them at this stage in life. 

So it can range from art,sports, food,bugs,funny things things that are unique to their personalities. Here is a few samples I found online to give you a idea I will post my kids when they finish next week.

Journal Jars

Have you ever had a crazy time looking for writing ideas? If you answered yes then you can, understand how crazy my Monday was. I am the mom who will search Pinterest for hours. Searching for new and creative ideas,I just love  to pin all those wonderful ideas! And guess what idea I loved,"Journal Jars " yes that's right journal jars. I am  super excited to share this brilliant idea with all of you.

A journal jar is so creative and fun, you can use this idea for adults as well. Journal Jar is filled with kid friendly questions/ perfect for those who get writers block.
What you will do is have your children/students pick a prompt each day have them tape or glue it to their journal. And then they will write out the response to the question,and if they like  they can make some illustrations. How to Make a Journal Jar •You will need a large jar •Decorate the Jar to your liking you can use stickers,tags,paper,markers,rubber stamps etc. • write or if you choose to print out th…

Writing A Gratitude Journal

Over these last several weeks my kids and I have kept a gratitude journal. And what a blessing to express gratitude. Each day we write 10 things we are truly grateful for that day. This has become a true blessing expressing how we feel has allowed  are  family to  open up .  The journals have allowed  us to see all the postive things in the world, we are no longer focusing are time or energy,on things we don't have as well as not focusing  on the negative things going on in the world. We have tap into the source of happiness my kids are laughing more and arguing less that is definitely a blessing on its own.

Here is my list of 10 things I am truly grateful for today. 
1.) I am thankful and blessed for the Love of God and my family each and every day.
2.)I am thankful and blessed to have a voice to express how I feel.
3.) I am thankful and blessed to be able to homeschool my kids.
4.) I am thankful and blessed to have my blog to write about my adventures.
5.)I am thankful and bles…

Free Resources

This list provides links to General Resources for Teachers and Homeschoolers enjoy.  Also you might check out on my blog  under labels -links to education sites, and links to free resources,Lots of Free Stuff as well.

Certificates, Gradebooks, and Templates Achievement awards download certificates templates  in Word and PDF format free You can create your own certificate online. - Think wave educator gradebook you can download the software free. free award certificates templates created your own awards. -free monthly planner from Davis publication . - free online graph paper  /grid paper  Pdf free games, crafts and, books ,certificates. - Worksheet Library- free worksheets.

General Education Teaching Tolerance free lessons and free quizzes and many more things. Free Teaching Templates -…

The Storyteller

Children are natural storytellers they learn from imagination,listening,and creativity, they  have learn by assembling facts  and finding meaning in every day events.Storytelling  requires a certain set of skills and I believe my daughter Jasmine passes those skills.
See Jaz as I like to call her is a daydreamer,I have notice how her mind will drift into story mode her thinking deepen's and once that happen she is filled with ideas, and Vivid images appear. Allowing her a deeper level of understanding stories.Telling stories have always come easy for her. Jasmine has never taken a class or lesson to teach her the art of storytelling. She has abilities to listen to a story and then tell the stories. She's able to transfer the skills into speaking and writing in meaningFul narratives. 
The stories Jasmine make are often quite imaginative she has her own way to engage you in with her words, and ideas,and pictures. I find her very fascinating to watch my daughter understands how sto…

Writing A HomeSchool Plan

Now that you've devoted the time to homeschool it is necessary to determine how you want to homeschool. Each homeschooler is unique,they all have certain homeschool styles. You will notice most homeschoolers do not follow just one method or ideas. I have found most of them ask for suggestions and different learning styles. Setting the right plan for you may take you some time to develop a routine some people prefer structure while others more flexible and relax as I said you want to find a plan for you and your families adventure.

The initial step is,perhaps,the most important step in your homeschool adventure. If you don't have a plan you have no direction and no course to follow.  By you writing a basic homeschool plan you will accomplish several important factors that are essential to homeschooling for long-term success. Having  an actual process of writing your homeschool plan this  will allow you to get all those ideas the good- ones as well as the bad -ones down on pape…

Create Your Vision Boards

What better way to start your school year than to express yourself with a vision board!

You might ask what is a vision board? And that's a good question so for those of you who don't know a vision board is a collage of pictures,phrases,words, or items that represent who you are and what you hope to achieve goal wise.your goals can either be short-term or long-term by allowing yourself to see the images on a daily basis, will help you stay motivated and help you achieve your goals.

You will want to find images that can convey  your future and your dreams cut them out,print them out and arrange on your posterboard, or whatever you decide to choose as your board.Displayed in a place you will look at during the day my kids always choose there room.
Each board is unique like each individual remember to be colorful and visual your brain loves images don't stop there thrown some words that describe your dreams you should be specific. Put what motivate you and brings you joy here&…

Over Come The Obstacles In HomeSchooling

If you bombard you're self with how to homeschool you will most likely get lost and overwhelmed with what to do. And this can lead you considering whether or not to HomeSchool. This is a very common feeling for new homeschoolers and learning how to strike a balance can be a complex dance, but the more you know, the better you will be able to time your homeschooling efforts appropriately. Here are a few things to think about and become successful at homeschooling.
1.) You will need to consider your child's learning style. It can seem a bit scary at first when you think of all the things you need to teach, you can teach your children at your own speed and not the public school schedule. Just know when it comes to certain subjects and certain curriculum  that a public school teaches does not mean you have to implement it into what you teach.Go with what you're child is comfortable with learning at that time. Remember you are instilling a love for learning that is more import…

Legit Work At Home Jobs For Moms

Work at home moms and/ homeschool moms

Are you a mom who's looking for work at home.Are you looking for full-time part-time or even seasonal if the answer is yes and you are not sure where to look I will tell you right now where to go!

I am currently working at home along with homeschooling, and blogging it has not always been easy but it does have its benefits. I like that I can work  from home, and I get to be the full time mommy who can contribute to my family income.

You will be able to find a real work at home job there are several to choose from I will give you a list of jobs that I know to be Legit And I will list a few sites to find work at home jobs.

* U-haul-  Hires Customer Agents,U Box Agents
*SFI- looking for Affilates, Team  Leaders
*Apple- At Home chat specialist, At Home Advisors,Customer Relations, Manager,and more
* Amazon…

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone- Found at el-Rashid, Egypt196 BC

If you were to go to the British Museum you would see visitors all Craning to see this object. It is on every visitors itinerary and with the mummies, it is the most Popular object in the British Museum. This dreary bit of granite has played a main attraction and three fascinating and different: The story of the Greek Kings who ruled in Alexandria after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt; The story of the French and British imperial competition across the Middle East after Napoleon invaded Egypt; And the extraordinary but peaceful scholarly  contest that led to the most famous decipherment in history- the cracking of the hieroglyphs. The Rosetta Stone associated with a ruler who was not strong who was weak, A king who had to bargain for and protect his power by borrowing the invisible strength of the gods and more precisely, the priest.

He was Ptolemy V, hey Greek boy king who came to the Throne of Egypt as an orphan in 205 BC at the age…

Niagara Falls

Have you ever wondered how Niagara Falls got its name?The name Niagara comes from ongniaahra.This word means "thundering waters"in the language of the Iroquios people.The Iroquois were amongst the people to live near the falls. The story of Niagara Falls starts during the last Ice Age, which began about 2 million years ago.At that time in enormous  glaciers, and ice sheets ,moved across North America and other places on earth.As they moved ,the glaciers picked up huge rocks, sort of like snowballs rolling over dirt. The rocks scraped the land like bulldozers, carving out huge groves  and craters. About 10,000 years ago, Earth's climate warmed and the glaciers melted the craters and Groves filled with water from the melting glaciers. In North America, some of these craters and Groves became the Great Lakes, the Niagara River, and Niagara Falls. There is two main sections to Niagara Falls the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls and in between the two is a small island …

The Top 8 Dangerous Mountains To Climb

From all around the world climbers of all sorts of scale love to climb the worlds deadliest Mountains to make it to the top of the peak. In spite of all the dangers the mountains continue to lure climbers from all around here is a list of eight Deadliest mountains to climb.

Mount Everest
Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth it is located in Mhalangur section of the Himalayas.It's peak is 8848 m (29,029ft)above sea level it is not the furthest summit from the center of Earth that would be Mount Chimborazo, in the Andes.The main climbing Route that approches the summit from south-eastern Nepal and the other from the North of Tibet Everest  has alot of dangers such as altitude ,sickness and the weather, bad winds, avalanches and the Khumbu IceFalls more then 250 people have died trying to climb it.

Fitz Roy
Fitz Roy,is located near El Chalten village, In SouthernPatagonian Ice Field in Patagonia, on the border between Argentina,and Chile,Fitz Ray remains amongst the most te…

Foxes Worldwide

The world is home to an estimated twenty-three species of foxes.And,out of those ten are called "true foxes", this includes the red fox.You can find foxes on every continent except Antarctica and Australia,but red foxes have lived in Australia since humans introduce them in 1800s.You can find the red fox through out most of North America,from northern Mexico,to the Arctic, and in Europe,Asia and North Africa.The red fox is known to be the largest Fox the European Variety  grows bigger than the northern American one.The coat on the red fox does not always stay the same red sometimes shades of reddish brown or reddish orange, or sometimes other colors such as black,or  silver, gray, or yellow.A quarter of red foxes are cross ,meaning streaked with dark fur down there back and across their shoulders.regardless of the upper -coat color, Foxes  bellies are usually white or light yellow.

You can find the gray fox in the woods and swamps of the United States, Central America,and S…

How to Build a Snow Shelter

Most likely, you will never need to do this.But in case of emergency, knowing how to make a quick shelter is essential survival skill.
The beauty of a snow cave is they are very warm.
No matter how cold the air gets, snow is always 32degrees Fahrenheit above zero(0•C),so a snow cave is always at least that warm .There are several kinds of snow shelters.Some are more elaborate than others.I will list instructions for two very easy kinds.Youwill need a shovel for the first one and for the second one you will need a shovel and a snow saw.
The Mound
Step 1: Throw all your gear,whatever you have into a big pile be sure to keep your shovel out.
Step2:Shovel lots of snow on to your gear.
Step3:When your gear is completely buried,climb up on the mound and stamp the snow solid.Then,more snow and stamp it again.
Step4:Dig a tunnel in to your gear.beginning a few feet away from the mound,dig down forward,so the tunnel will come out under your mound of gear.
Step5:Pull your gear,piece by piece,ou…

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park is located in Alberta Canada Region Europe and North America.

The park is situated in the valley of Red Deer River,it is known for being one of the richest dinosaur fossil locales in the world.
Since early discoveries,paleontologist have found bones from over forty diffrent species,of dinosaurs in Southern Alberta.There has also been 500 complete dinosaurs skeletons some were unknown until their bones were found in Alberta.

In 1955 the government of Canada decided to protect the bones.And this is how Dinosaur Provincial Park was created.The park covers 28 square miles
According to park rules scientists are still aloud to dig up the dinosaur bones in the park.But they will need to have permits from the government.Pepole who are not scientists are not allowed to dig up bones or walk through certain areas of the park.This keeps tourist from stepping or damaging the bones. In 1979The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) tries…