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History Of The First Modern Credit Card

In 1949 a man name Frank X MC Namara had a constructed a way for customers to use one credit card for multiple stores MC Namara had discussed the idea with a two colleges which led all three of them pulling money and starting their own company in 1950 they had named this company the Diner Club.
The first of the cards were given in 1950 they were made out of cardboard they were given  to 200 people mostly  acquaintances of MC Namara  and somewhere friends .The credit card was excepted at 14 restaurants in New York. The idea of the credit card grew at the end of 1950 over 40,000 people were using the Diner Club Credit Card this is known as the first credit card.

Frank X MC Namara  And soon after that Business begun to use the Diner Credit Card in other county's making it a form of payment and that how and this made it the first international credit card in 1953. By the time 1959 came around over one million people had a Diner Credit Card. In 1981 Citicorp took over Diner Clubs they…

Irish Movies Your Kids Will Love

Movies to watch for Saint Patrick's Day with the family.

 If you are looking for some family classic movies that will make you laugh and get up and dance or a movie with some  heart look no further I have created you a list the whole  family will love  enjoy.

Darby O'Gil And The Little People
 This movie is truly a classic I would watch this movie with my father when I was kid and now I have enjoyed watching this movie with my children perfect for a family night.  Darby O'Gil (Albert Sharp)  is on mission to find the pot of gold  but the king of the Leprechauns wont let that happen.

The Gnome-Mobile
This is another classic that your family will enjoy and  it was also one of Walt Disney last movies he personally produced  the movie is about two children and their lumber tycoon Grandfather that have found themselves helping a gnome find a bride.

Finian's Rainbow
A Leprechaun follows an Irishman who stole his pot of gold to the United states in 1968 musical staring Fred …

Things You Can Make With A Plastic Bag

Things You Can Make With A Plastic Bag

Are you wondering what you can use your old grocery bags for besides trash.Well I will tell you there is all kinds of fun and crazy ways to reuse the bags you can turn a plastic bag in to a dress, a purse, a rug, hat and so much more. I will share with you sites and pictures to show you how you can have fun recreating your bag into something spectacular. You will no longer have to discard them as a trash.

Here is a dress made from shopping bags looks simple but it takes a little bit of work to make this you will find a link on the dress.

This is plastic tote bag fused together from other grocery bags you can find out how to fuse the bags together from this link.

Some people like to make plastic plarn yarn for those of you who would like to lea…

7 Women Scientist We Should Know

How many Women Scientist Can You Name?

 There has been survey's done in America and in Briton to see how many women scientist that people could name. The average amount of people could only name one or two and in some case none. There  has been 80+Women Scientist who have made some kind of a mark in mathematics and in medicine. I have pick 7 women that you might know .

Name-Marie Curie
Known as the Mother of Modern Physics she invented the term radioactivity she was  a pioneer in her research . In 1903 she was the first woman to  ever receive the Nobel Prize in physics and she was also the first  female to win two different disciplines in 1911 in chemistry.

Name- Marie Goeppert  -Mayer
  She was the second woman to win Physics Nobel Prize, she won the prize in 1963 for her studies of nuclear structures.She came to the United States from Germany and she was part of a secret work on nuclear fission during WW2

Name-Annie Jump Cannon
Her method in cataloging based on the temperatures…

Get to Know Dr.Seuss

Getting to Know  Dr. Seuss

 American Arthur and Illustrator Theodor  Seuss Geisel
Born March 2, 1904- September 24,1991
You will find that many of Dr. Seuss books have become classic and adored  by children all over the world wildly popular books have been translated in 20 different languages and several of his stories made in to television cartoons and motion pictures.
American Arthur and  Illustrator Theodor  Seuss Geisel who used a fictitious name  "Dr. Seuss" who had wrote and Illustrated  45 children books filled with memorable characters and silly poems
Theodor Seuss Geisel was a married man who  never got the chance to have children of his own but found ways as the great Dr. Seuss to inspire children imagination around the world .The use of silly words set the mood for children his books  became beloved favorites of children and adults alike. Dr. Seuss first children  picture book was published in 1937 it was called  And I Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street the book w…

The History Of The First Vehicle Registration Plate

Did you know that the first Vehicle registration plate was made way before automobiles? The first place to have invented the vehicle registration plate was in France they were the first to introduce the license plate with the passage of the Paris Police Ordinance on August 4, 8, 1893 and followed by Germany in 1896 the Netherlands were the first to introduce a national license plate called a driving permit .In the U.S Massachusetts was the first in 1903 to have a license plate. Then every state in the U.S followed after and the UK started using them in 1904.

Materials for the License Plate

When the first plates were made they used Porcelain baked on to iron or ceramic with no backing. They were fragile and impartial few of these early plates survived. Later on they experimented with cardboard, leather, plastic and during wartime, they had shortages so they used copper and pressed soybeans. In 20th century, plates varied in size and shape for jurisdiction Standardization of plates came in…

Cute Albino Animals

Albino Animals
Today me and the kids went online to my Pinterest  and I was trying to find a new animal unit and my 10 year old noticed a picture of an Albino goat which led us to looking up Albino Animals and we found a vast amount of animals pictures more than I could have imagine. This coming week we will be studying about albino animals and I wanted to share with you some of the animals we found.

Albino Animals are not like the others in the wild they are seen peculiar by their own species and noticed by predators they may end up with health problems and vision problems. Their rate to survival in the wild is virtually zero and as to finding a mate can be slim to none for most species. Here is a link for more details
Albino Means and organism exhibiting deficient pigmentation especially a Person or Animal that is congenitally deficient in pigment and usually has milky or translucent skin, white or colorless hair …