Things You Can Make With A Plastic Bag

Things You Can Make With A Plastic Bag

Are you wondering what you can use your old grocery bags for besides trash.Well I will tell you there is all kinds of fun and crazy ways to reuse the bags you can turn a plastic bag in to a dress, a purse, a rug, hat and so much more. I will share with you sites and pictures to show you how you can have fun recreating your bag into something spectacular. You will no longer have to discard them as a trash.

Here is a dress made from shopping bags looks simple but it takes a little bit of work to make this you will find a link on the dress.

This is plastic tote bag fused together from other grocery bags you can find out how to fuse the bags together from this link.

Some people like to make plastic plarn yarn for those of you who would like to learn how to make the plarn yarn check out this

I would love to make this basket if I can find the tutorial on it.

Learn how to make a Jelly Fish this will be a fun craft for the kids check out the link on how to

Check out this bag it was knitted  from grocery bags I think this is a cool bag  you  can find out how to make it.

If you like hats check out this one up cycle from plastic bags.

Here is a purse made from plastic plarn yarn fabulous I think.

Have  fun creating plastic sculptures with your plastic bags .

I hope you have enjoyed what I have posted for more inspiration from grocery bags check out crafts made with plastic bags on Pinterest.

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