DIY Own Projects That Your Children Will Love

DIY Own Projects

 For those of  us  who have kids who love to create  and are inspired by other ideas this will be perfect for your  little makers, crafters,Inventors, Scientist, Artists   you will  be able to find some amazing and interesting projects that you can work on my kids have help me pick out what they found would be exciting or fun for other children.We have already had fun with most of these projects I hope your children will as well happy creating.

Robots and Rockets  all kids love to create robots and rockets so here are some fun ideas and websites you can find instructions.

1.How to build a Soda Bottle Rocket

2.DIY Rocket Jet Pack

3.Can Rocket Ships

4 Build A Rocket Stove

.Build A Robot
5. Robot CD Case

6.Out DOOR Spookables

7 Easy Recycled Robot .

8. How To Make Mini Robot

9.CD Bots

  Kids love to learn  and to  have fun with Science Projects
10.Dancing Oobleck

11.How To Make A Lemon Battery

12.Grow a Overnight Crystal Garden


14 puffy Rainbow clouds .

Have Fun creating  with Tin Cans
15 Make a Owl

16   Tin Man  .

17 Tin Can Dog Robot

18 Junk Yard Dogs

19 Zoo Animals

Duct Tape  is so fun to make all crafts with your kids can create all day with duct tape.

20.Duct tape Hobby Horse

21 Duct Tape Purse

22.Duct Tape Wallet Creatures

23.Duct Tape Flowers

24.Indiana Jones Whip

Soda Cans
25. Smashed can pig

26.Snow Man

27.Pop Can Cubist Art



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