Different Alternatives To Growing A Garden

Making a difference and  Growing your own Garden

Do you enjoy investing your time  and energy in growing your own fruits and vegetables?
 Some of you may not have a backyard are room to grow your Vegetables due to lack of space .
 But there is always alternatives you can use Like finding a Community Garden are using containers are even a small room in your house with a sunny window or even making your own boxes to grow them for those who live in apartments you can always buy some Topsy Turvy and stick them in the window that get the most sun .You can always buy the lights and put in a room to grow your planets.Having your own garden can be very rewarding and benefit you in many ways it will be  healthier  choice for you and your family.

Your children will learn how things grow and how long it can take to grow this will be a fun choice in teaching about plant life and how food is made .They will also be able to sell their own fruits and veggies if they wanted are share with family and friends are you can teach them how to can them .My children enjoy having their own fruit and veggie garden they plant what they want to eat and compete to see whose  plant is going to put out the most veggies. M y kids like to be outside watering  and pulling weeds they like to see how big their plants will get . And for those of you who don't  Have the yard like I said indoor gardening can be just as easy to it can ad some beauty to the room. And  increase the air quality especially if you live in a newer building  which are airtight. When living in a city their is very limited space so finding a community garden will be the better bet community gardens is group of smaller gardens each small garden is a plot.You can rent one of these plots to grow your own plants sometimes you can find some community that will allow  you to grow free the plots are all close to other so you will have neighbors a community garden can have a positive impact  on you and the environment.

If you choose   a container to use  to grow you can have veggies and even make a herb garden and you will even be eliminating weeds and most soil diseases  this all will give you the control to your own moisture and sunlight and temperature you can grow indoor or outdoors . Having a garden can be time consuming and rewarding all at the same time but well worth in the end.


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