Celebrate Irish Heritage In March

Irish Heritage Month

Only 10 more days and then we can celebrate Irish-American  Heritage  Month it will start on Sunday March 1,2015.Irish -American is a special proclamation  Issued yearly by the United States President or Congress in Honor of Irish Immigrants and their descendants who live in the United States.

We also celebrate  St Patrick's day on the 17 of March it is a religious holiday to honor the saint who introduced Christianity to Ireland that was around  the time of  early fifth century and now we  celebrated all things Irish .Boston And New York have the biggest Parade in Honor St Patrick's day.

Each Year in March the Irish Taoiseach  visit and a shamrock ceremony takes place  at the White House they use a crystal bowl with a shamrock and presented to the President in the Oval Office the shamrock is traditional symbol of Ireland. You will find people celebrating  during the week of St Patrick's with dancing music festivals and food and other Culture  activities.

Here is a link that you can find the History of Ireland as well Folklore and Myths, Customs and Traditions,Culture of Ireland and Irish Food Recipes http://www.yourirish.com/food/

For more fun activities check out this linkhttp://fun.familyeducation.com/st.-patricks-day/holidays/32935.html

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