Learn How To Build A Terrarium

Build A Terrarium

If you have the green thumb but minimal space why not create your own mini- world full of beautiful plants and create your own terrarium.And for those of you who are feeling the winter blues this will be the perfect project for you.Having plants around will increase the air quality and their also low maintenance to take care of they require little water and their so easy to make.This was fun and  easy my kids wanted to show their friends how to build their own terrarium.


  • Start by using a glass bowl, glass jug,vase,bottle, fish tank your choice of a glass bowl .
  • Rocks, pebbles
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Potting soil 
  • Moss this optional 
  • Sticks, figurines your choice of decorations 
  • Different types of small plants 
  • A spoon or shovel
  • Glove
  • Scissors
When you are looking for plants pick what ever kind you want make sure they are small and that they will not grow taller then you glass.Some of your plants will have multiple roots and you can break them up even further.Here is a tip for you if you want your terrarium to be successful you will need to keep succulents and cacti together and you will want to put your fern and tropical plants together they require different amount of soil and water. You will need to use cactus soil for your succulents and regular potting soil fore everything else.The rocks will act as a drainage systems and the charcoal will help with keeping the terrarium healthy the moss is just fore looks and will  soak up and retain the water.

  1. Step one wash exterior and interior  to make sure you get all unwanted residues that can harm your plants.
  2. First thing is first fill your bottom with your rocks or pebbles this will act as your false drainage system.
  3. You will need to add the charcoal next you will only need enough to cover the rocks this will increase your plant life and reduce bacteria, fungi and odors.
  4. Add your soil and don't  forget  what I told you about succulents needing cactus soil as for your other plants regular soil is fine. You will need to add enough soil for the roots to grow.
  5. Plant take your plants out of the soil pot break up the soil until you get to the roots if your breaking the plant a part be careful of the roots you might end up having to trim roots if they are too long and  don't worry they can grow back.You will need to use your finger or a spoon to push the soil down around the base of your plant. Continue planting your plants and try to keep away from the edges.your leaves will touch the sides but try to keep them away as much as you can.
 Use a spray bottle mist some water on top for the moisture

After you are done add your accessories like moss,toys what ever you decide on will look nice.

video on tropical plants

Video on succulent plants 

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