Teach Your Kids About How Seeds Grow Indoors

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Are you ready for spring and would like to teach your kids how seeds grow by starting them off indoors. Let me say I love how much my kids are interested in how things grow they already Know how the seeds grow outdoors so this time I figured they can start them indoors and make it  an indoor project.  So let's get started growing seeds you will find out this is not difficult nor complicated if this is your first time with seeds you might want  to start small for the first batch buy only planting a variety of 3 or 4 rows of plants just until you understand how it all works.

 Most Gardner's start off with flats  then transfer their plants once it gets its first leaves you can transfer to a container. The key to selecting a containers is one that suits you and your kids style of planting and at least 3 to 4 inches deep  so for those who just want to keep their plants in  a container I would say use a  square are a  rectangle  container the roots will have more room to grow.Are you can use peat pots, soil blocks are paper pots which you can transplant right in the garden with out having to take them out of the container.

Let's get started with a work area you will need  your seed starting container along with the soil  mix and do not forget water,seeds,bucket, and pen to mark the container.

Getting Started
You are going to want the kids to get the bucket and mix the water and soil  together slowly and mix well you will also will need to make sure it does not come soggy Now they will  need to feel the containers make sure they are even once you have done that make sure the kids make a seed furrow it needs to be at least 1/4 inch you can use a pencil are your finger to do that.After that you will place one seed in each hole make sure their a inch apart than you will need to put the soil on top make sure its firm.use a spray bottle to water the seeds make sure it is a light  mist.Make sure to write on the container with the marker when you put the seeds in and what the plant is.

Germinating and Growing
You will need to put your plants wear they will receive the bottom heat such as on top of a  refrigerator.Make sure to keep them moist but make sure they don't get soggy you are  going  to want to keep them covered with plastic to conserve the moisture.Water if needed you don't want them to get dry it can take 5 to 14 days to grow depending on what you planted .As soon as your sprouts come you will want to make sure they have light right away once germinated seedlings will grow happy in 70-80 degree temperature.

I hope your adventure with planting seeds churns out perfect for you and the kids this will be something they can be proud off and most of all something you can do as family. Here is a link to some videos for kids to watch how to grow seeds http://watchknowlearn.org/Video.aspx?VideoID=49353&CategoryID=7559

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