Animals And Prosthetic's

Bionic Animals

Prosthetic's have come a long way since the Egyptian led the way and introduce us to this form of practice. Lives have remarkable changed for those of the disabled and handicapped we have discovered that not only people deserve a second chance but so do animals. As you can see, animals have no way to cry out and say how much pain there are in it is our job to look out for them and provide the best care possible. Recently we have provided the prosthetic limbs and artificial devices   for those animals who get hurt in the wild are even own pets. We will be able to help improve the life of the Animal here is a few animals who stand out.

1. This is Beauty the Bald Eagle she was shot by a poacher after waiting three years a group of volunteers help make this Prosthetic Beak for her. This became essential to her survival for more information on Beauty you can go to this link.

2. This is Riley her leg had begun to deteriorate due to some contaminated metal plate they inserted. They decide to do a pioneering operation that was able to get Riley and artificial limb for more information on this go to this 
link .  
  3. Meet Fugi the Dolphin they had to amputate 75 percent of her tail due necrotic Disease she had silicone made to help for her fin she was one of the first Dolphins to have a Prosthetic tale here is more information check out this link
4. Meet Motala she lost a foot after stepping on a land mind she was able to get a Prosthetic leg here is more on her
 5. This is Tuly she had her leg chewed of by a rat so they had fitted her with a toy tractor wheel here is more on her
6 . Meet Oscar the cat after being passed back and forth he finally was able to get his surgery and get to new legs here is more about him

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