The History Of The First Vehicle Registration Plate

Did you know that the first Vehicle registration plate was made way before automobiles?
The first place to have invented the vehicle registration plate was in France they were the first to introduce the license plate with the passage of the Paris Police Ordinance on August 4, 8, 1893 and followed by Germany in 1896 the Netherlands were the first to introduce a national license plate called a driving permit .In the U.S Massachusetts was the first in 1903 to have a license plate. Then every state in the U.S followed after and the UK started using them in 1904.

Materials for the License Plate

When the first plates were made they used Porcelain baked on to iron or ceramic with no backing. They were fragile and impartial few of these early plates survived. Later on they experimented with cardboard, leather, plastic and during wartime, they had shortages so they used copper and pressed soybeans. In 20th century, plates varied in size and shape for jurisdiction Standardization of plates came in, 1957 they are now made with metal are plastic and use numbers and letters that uniquely identify the vehicle within its issuing region database. Depending on the country, the License plate can be called a license plate or tag (United States) license plate (Canada) or number plate (United Kingdom, Australia etc...)

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