Plant Experiments Your Kids Will Love To Try

This is for all you  parents and kids who are indoors and love to do plant experiments this will be perfect for you to  try at home .I wanted to round up  some of the projects that me and my children have worked on and had fun with my kids love working with plants they enjoy all their is to know about plant and their  life cycles.

1 .DIY Own Glow Flowers This was a fun and exciting project the kids had so much fun with watching the flowers glow.

2. Balloon Green House This will be a fun project for the little ones to learn how green house work.

3. Color Flower Changing Experiment
This will teach your children how water travel threw different parts of the flower as you can see visually beautiful and fun to learn.

4.Re- Grow With Vegetable Scraps We currently have a kitchen window filled with re -growing plants easy and fun for the kids my daughter already planted some  plants in are garden.Here is a list of 25 foods you can re- grow

6 .Erosion Experiment Your children will learn about plant erosion this will be a fun way to learn about erosion. 

7. Algae and Pollution your children will learn firsthand about pollution on are environment.  

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