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June Is Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Month

June Is Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Month
That means you should eat abundance of both fruit and vegetables especially for the summer  time their is a lot of home gardens overflowing and Farmers Market filled with great choices
 and as you know  you should  at least eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables  a day and  fresh fruit you should eat least 2 to 4 servings a day.This may sound a little overboard but really it is not it is always the healthier choice over soda or chips so if you cut those out  of you  meals or snacks  you can accomplish eating healthier snacks.Even if you don't like fruit and vegetables
you should at least give it a  try for this month  just think of it as healthy challenge so I urge all of you to put down the candy,chips or what ever junk food is your favorite and encourage you to give your taste buds a treat of some fresh celery or carrots maybe some broccoli or  sweet peas some apples,orange,strawberry ,mango what ever you prefer make a smoothie make a fruit a…

June Is Zoo And Aquarium Month

June is Zoo and Aquarium Month
This is a great time of the year to go out and explore your local zoo or aquarium are you can check out the local websites for some great information and education lesson plans such as photographs, video's, activities and sounds not even your pets will like. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums provides a collection of links to their accredit zoos and aquariums
How would you like to go to a Shark Aquarium 
This is the biggest Aquarium in World Atlanta Georgia 
Elephant at one of the Zoos
This is the best time to go out and get your summer passes for the Zoos and Aquariums It is not to hot are cold enjoy either way

Composting Day

Today is a great day to learn about Composting and go green it is a great-way to help the
environment.Composting is fun and easy and a great way to know your keeping the environment a little cleaner.You will find out how easy it is to compost and yes even you can compost . Here is what you can  compost it is giving that you can compost your garden  and yard and vegetation as well as kitchen scraps vegetables but you can also recycle many things such as paper,untreated wood toilet paper,cardboard they all make great compost.
You can use the compost around your planets to feed them and to keep your weeds down and to help retain the soil moisture .You can also make a compost tea for your indoor planets it will save you  a lot of money. As you start of learning about composting you will see the large amount of things you can make compost piles in your backyard in compost bins in compost barrels to compost tumblers.

Things you can do for Composting Day
Start of by learning more about comp…

Did You Know Today is Sun Screen Awareness Day

May 27 Is  Sun Screen Awareness Day

Sun screen day bring the importance of why we need to use sunscreen and the importance will protect you and your children from the harmfulUV rays from the sun. The Ultra Violet Rays can be very damaging and not to mention it can have serious consequences to your health. With are depletion  levels to are  ozone more of these UV rays get through This has serious actions to are health being Overexposed to the sun rays it can create sun spots, skin cancer and also result in premature skin aging. Doctors recommend the use of sun screen to protect you from damage and other health problems you should use sun screen for all out door activities and should always use on those cloudy days as well Just remember this while your out gardening are swimming are whatever  fun things you do out side always keep covered and use sun screen

Do You Know Who Sally Ride Is ?

The Challenger 

Well for those of you who do not know who Sally Ride is she is the first woman to go up in space in 1983 astronaut Sally Ride was the first American Woman to go up in to space abroad the Challenger space shuttle. She had studied at Stanford University before she beat out 1000 applicants for the spot at NASA’s astronaut program. Ride got her chance to join the Challenger astronaut shuttle Mission on June 18, 1983 she became the first Woman to go in to space. She went up in space as a mission specialist she deploy satellites and work on other projects she returned to earth on  June 24 she went on another trip back in space on October 5,1984  that was the largest grew to date she was also a mission specialist that time around as well they returned October 13,1984 she was selected to go for the third time but the trip was cancelled do the space shuttle  challenger accident in January 1986 after the accident Ride served on the  Presidential Commissions that  investigated th…

Memorial Day History The Reason For The Day

Here is a little History on Memorial Day May 26,2014
Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, it is a day of remembrance for is fallen soldiers who have died in service in the United States of America of two dozen towns, and cities claim the birth place of Memorial Day. But Waterloo N.Y. was the official place it was announced by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 .Memorial was born out of the Civil War to honor or dead it was officially proclaimed on May 5 1868 by General John Logan National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic On the first Decoration Day General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington Cemetery and 5,000 participants decorative the graves of 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there .the first state to recognize Memorial Day as  a Holiday was New York in 1873 by 1890 it was recognized by all northern states the south had refused to acknowledge the day. They had honor their dead on separate days until after  World War1 when the holiday had cha…

The History Of Victoria Day with Lesson Plans

Victoria Day is May 24,2014
History for Victoria Day
Victoria Day is French it is celebrated in Canada it is celebrated on the last Monday before May 25  in honor of Queen Victoria's Birthday. This date also marks the Canadian sovereigns official Birthday  it is informally marking the begging of summer season in Canada.
So we ask the question how did Victoria Day come about well the holiday was name after British monarch who gave royal assent to Confederation  The  Queen Victoria had the longest reign over Great Britain she was born on May 24,1819 she took the throne from 1837 until 1901 making that a great period of 62 years!

Parliament of Canada first Declared her Birthday in 1845 well before Confederation  Day May 24  it was a popular celebration time in Canada Ontario  in 1854 you might have joined in with thousands of crowds who gathered in front of the Government House to cheer for the Queen.

In the year of Victoria's death in 1901 it became official Victoria  Day an…

Family Fitness

Maybe you feel we don't need physical fitness for homeschooling but we do studies show kids who are more active shows greater attention span their faster in cognitive  processing speed and perform better on their studies unlike the children who are less active. And, that means those who exercise during the day are more focused. I say that is great I figure as long as we eat health get twenty to thirty minutes of exercise your kids will be happier and full energy so here is a few things you can do with your kids to keep them active at home. This video here is a great workout for you and your family you can go at your own speed and have fun with it has 25 work outs you can do at home.
And the kids will have a great time with this workout.
                                                Here is one more for the younger kids.

All About Birds Free Resources

So for the last few weeks my kids have been learning about the different types of birds we went to the library checked out a few books on Birds and their habitats.My kids had become very interested in bird watching and learning about all the different types and they became more interested do to the barn swallows in the backyard they have made several nest around here.  My kids were curious on what kind of bird it was and why their nest is made from mud So we went to the library to get the information And Also found great resources here online I hope you enjoy the information links here is a pic of the Barn swallow

You can learn more about Barn Swallows and other Birds here at this site it also has live video of birds in their Habitats very cool This link has free resources,puzzles,games, pics and other fun activities  http://www.allaboutbi…

Cooking Is A Great Way To Teach History

A fun way to teaching your children History is threw the art of cooking my kids love to cook so I figured what a great way to get some History lessons done by cooking. I found some great ideas to help me with the excitement  and  the passion they have for  cooking so what I did was my research and used these Resources  for  their History lessons threw cooking so here is what I came up with .I found this show called  Taste of History it  is a cooking show about Americas begging of culinary cooking This show  brings  the history to life and it is fun to watch you can find this TV. series onPBS it is a fun way to learn some History. Here is an amazing link it is called theFood Time Lineit has the social history the menu threw out time  and has a list of great links This site is calledColonial  Cooking This site will teach you the styles and food they  had  used to cook in Colonial days enjoy the…

Free Art Samples And other Resources

Watch A Video On How Black Holes Are Created

Watch this video on how Black Holes are created and the theories to why their is Black Holes this is really interesting enjoy