Do You Know Who Sally Ride Is ?

 The Challenger 

Well for those of you who do not know who Sally Ride is she is the first woman to go up in space in 1983 astronaut Sally Ride was the first American Woman to go up in to space abroad the Challenger space shuttle. She had studied at Stanford University before she beat out 1000 applicants for the spot at NASA’s astronaut program. Ride got her chance to join the Challenger astronaut shuttle Mission on June 18, 1983 she became the first Woman to go in to space. She went up in space as a mission specialist she deploy satellites and work on other projects she returned to earth on  June 24 she went on another trip back in space on October 5,1984  that was the largest grew to date she was also a mission specialist that time around as well they returned October 13,1984 she was selected to go for the third time but the trip was cancelled do the space shuttle  challenger accident in January 1986 after the accident Ride served on the  Presidential Commissions that  investigated the space shuttle explosion. After she left NASA Ride became the Director at the California Space Institute at the University of California, San Diego as well as a Professor of Physics she was there from 1989 until 2001 she had her own company that created educational programs known as Sally Ride Science to help inspire girls and young woman she want to  inspire them to pursue  math and science   ride had served as President and CEO .Ride received many honors, including NASA Space Flight Medal  and the NCAA's Theodore Roosevelt Award she was inducted in to the National Woman's Hall of Fame. On July 23,2012 Sally Ride Died at the age 61 she will always be remembered as a pioneer  woman who went where no woman has gone before. May 26 is the Sally Ride Day in honor of her birthday of Sally Ride she will always be remember. 
Astronaut Sally Ride is pictured on the space shuttle Challenger's mid-deck during the STS-7 mission.

In flight view of the crew of the STS-7 mission. In the rear from left to right are Astronauts Robert L. Crippen, crew commander; Frederick H. Hauck, pilot; and John M. Fabian, mission specialist. In front are Drs. Sally K. Ride and Norman E. Thagard, mission specialists. 

Members of the STS-7 crew are pictured during a training session.

Former astronaut Sally Ride talks to young women at the Sally Ride Science Festival, held at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fla., in 2003.

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