Mother Day Craft Ideas

As Mothers Day is approaching I wanted to share some craft ideas that your kids can work on  you can find these cool crafts off Pineterest as of the moment my kids are making me something and I am not aloud to see they said  to me it is top secret no mom aloud how funny.My kids are great I told them they already gave me a gift and that it was them and they said to me Mom your silly they melt my heart  and everything that comes from them is special including this early gift from them
so here is some craft ideas hope you enjoy hand print made from 1 cup of flour 1 cup of salt one cup of water 
making paper flowers always nice they don't die and they will last a lifetime 

Hand print  flower tote

made from a foot print found this idea on Pinterest

have them write a poem this also came of  Pinterest
This is so cute also came from Pinterest

you can find  cool craft ideas by looking for Mothers Day crafts on Pinterest 

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