The Best OF k-12 Resources For Free K-12 Learn K-12 makes thousands of historic and current events, and original resources available tec Valuable resources for music educators and students of all areas and educational levels  Where the wonders of learning things never stop explore the wonders of the  world are what ever you are curios  about and would like to learn about just look it up on this site. write and think has class room resource on top of parent and after school resources for k-12 if you are looking for something to keep your kids engaged in to writing are age appropriate books this is a place for you. first is a collection of lessons ,units and web resources designed to save busy  teachers, parents ,and students  time writer  Write your very own interactive stories inkle writer is a free tool designed to allow anyone to write and  published interactive stories. is games, activity resources to help young children of all ages learn about branches of government citizenship, separation of power, media influence on government, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights web resources from teachers just like you. Room Aid is a list of educational tools and resources my lessons  Find common core lesson  from K-12 Coalition for Academic Service –Learning free resources on quality practice are found here . sites for Education  all of the best of  K-5  online interactive games in one spot look for new activities web sites for kids  websites geared to children from birth to 14 years of age is a site were you  can create lesson plans from latest news article. Create a reading list of recommend books Christian Curriculum for K-5 based learning grade K-12 Book Samartin is anon profit organization that supplies free homeschool materials to families that are unable to afford them Fashion Education aK-12 curculium using free downlodable resources from other domains free curriculum for preschool to elementary a web site for free curculium close to Charlotte Mason  

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