The History Of Victoria Day with Lesson Plans

Victoria Day is May 24,2014
History for Victoria Day
Victoria Day is French it is celebrated in Canada it is celebrated on the last Monday before May 25  in honor of Queen Victoria's Birthday. This date also marks the Canadian sovereigns official Birthday  it is informally marking the begging of summer season in Canada.
So we ask the question how did Victoria Day come about well the holiday was name after British monarch who gave royal assent to Confederation  The  Queen Victoria had the longest reign over Great Britain she was born on May 24,1819 she took the throne from 1837 until 1901 making that a great period of 62 years!

Parliament of Canada first Declared her Birthday in 1845 well before Confederation  Day May 24  it was a popular celebration time in Canada Ontario  in 1854 you might have joined in with thousands of crowds who gathered in front of the Government House to cheer for the Queen.

In the year of Victoria's death in 1901 it became official Victoria  Day and in that time it has commemorated to royal birthdays the birth of the Queen Victoria and the current monarch

Well on Victoria Day if you are walking down town  near the Nations Capitol or any Provincial Capital you will here the fringe of 21-gun salute You will also see the Union Flag flying along the side of the Canadian Flag from sunrise to sunset.You may also join 120,000 spectators watching the marching bands, floats,clowns during their annual Victoria's Parade are you might like the fire work display the lights up the evening sky  are you might join in with your own sparklers are fire works . Well now you know what day it is enjoy it having fun 

Lesson planet has a lesson plan were Students research history and current status of Victoria Day in Canada, discuss why holiday is not celebrated in Canadian province of Quebec, and create colorful trimaran showing Maypole in front of British Colombian Parliament building

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