Having Fun With Peaches

Today I wanted my kids to have fun learning, about nutrition and about eating healthy with peaches so what I did is started them on a few fun activities. To go along with what they were learning so I got some fresh peaches from a local fruit stand. And if you  know the story James And The Giant Peach  by Roald Dahl  I went and  pick up a copy of the story I got the Movie as well so the kids could have fun with reading and watching the movie this week .I also found this link to some more info on eating healthy and  it has a cool poem about  peaches on page 3  http://caff.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/CAFF_SJV.pdf  there is some other cool things as well listed on that link hope you enjoy it also we will learn how to can are own  peaches as well as learn the fun facts about peaches. Here is a link on 20 facts about peaches if your interested http://zsobig.hubpages.com/hub/Peaches-20-interesting-facts-that-you-possibly-did-not-know-about-the-peach We will also plant are own Peach pit and learn all kinds of fun things to make with peaches this week  here is another great link to learn info on how to plant the peach pit as well as recipes and other facts and nutrition info .http://www.michiganpeach.org/facts/pit.html here is some free worksheets you can download to go with the James and the Giant Peach ttps://www.teachervision.com/literature-guide/printable/71334.html

Here is some craft to go along with James and the Giant Peach that we will make this week.

peach necklace 

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