Cooking Is A Great Way To Teach History

A fun way to teaching your children History is threw the art of cooking my kids love to cook so I figured what a great way to get some History lessons done by cooking. I found some great ideas to help me with the excitement  and  the passion they have for  cooking so what I did was my research and used these Resources  for  their History lessons threw cooking so here is what I came up with .I found this show called  Taste of History  it  is a cooking show about Americas begging of culinary cooking This show  brings  the history to life and it is fun to watch you can find this TV. series on PBS it is a fun way to learn some History. Here is an amazing link it is called the Food Time Line it has the social history the menu threw out time  and has a list of great links This site is called Colonial  Cooking This site will teach you the styles and food they  had  used to cook in Colonial days enjoy the reenactment video very informative One more with informative links it is called Open Heart Cooking is a link to the Normans/Medieval    This site is a great way to have fun with the History Enjoy 

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