Composting Day

Today is a great day to learn about Composting and go green it is a great-way to help the
environment.Composting is fun and easy and a great way to know your keeping the environment a little cleaner.You will find out how easy it is to compost and yes even you can compost . Here is what you can  compost it is giving that you can compost your garden  and yard and vegetation as well as kitchen scraps vegetables but you can also recycle many things such as paper,untreated wood toilet paper,cardboard they all make great compost.
You can use the compost around your planets to feed them and to keep your weeds down and to help retain the soil moisture .You can also make a compost tea for your indoor planets it will save you  a lot of money. As you start of learning about composting you will see the large amount of things you can make compost piles in your backyard in compost bins in compost barrels to compost tumblers.

Things you can do for Composting Day
Start of by learning more about compost here is a great link for beginners it will teach you  about all the
things I just told you about
Today is also a great way to to teach about Compost so here is a great lesson plan on compost What ever you choose enjoy going green for you  and your family.

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