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Learning Games and Resources

Do you use games to help with your child's learning? What kind of games have you found useful to your child? I have noticed that my daughter likes to play   Hidden Object games and I have observed how well her reading has improved. I also have other games that all three of my children have enjoyed my brother had gotten each of my children board games for Christmas and I believe it was one of the best things they could have received this year. The reason why is that they have  enjoy the games and they don't mind reading the little cards to go with the game their learning how to solve problems on their own and  having  fun without realizing their learning. Board Games are perfect for these reasons they can help with hand- eye coordination, social skills to math and language learning So for those of you who like Board Games you will enjoy I felt you will enjoy a list of free online games as well and I will list the best Board Games me and my family have enjoyed   for you.

Online G…

The world of make believe and Fairy Tales

The world of make believe and Fairy Tales

What grabs your attentions when you read a well written book?  Have you ever been so deeply involved in the book were it has you hooked  and you can not put it down. Well for me their has been several books I love taking  the time to read and enjoy them. Here is were I am going with this my kids are young  and their still finding what they love and at the  moment it is Fairy tales and some fables my ten year old loves reading the Fairy tales with a twist to them .

And I have to say I really enjoyed how some of these books have churned out and some I would preferred not to have read.My eight  and five year  old  also prefers the twist on the Fairy tales my son also tells me not all stories have Happy endings and he is so right about that one .He likes to believe the characters that  once were evil can be good again and I agree with him all the way. So let me ask you what are some of your favorite Fairy tales  are fables that your enchanted …

Fun Things to learn about in February

There is plenty of great things to learn about in February so here is my list starting with Sunday
February 1 is Black History Month it will end ON Saturday February 28 , 2015  Here is a few links a with Lessons and Resources starting with NEA Here is a link from Teacher Vision
Also on February 1,2015 is Super Bowl Sunday 
   For those of you who are Football fans enjoy the game and the yummy Super Bowl Food to go with the day  and here is some worksheets

Next on my list is Groundhog Day Monday 2,2015  If the legend of the Groundhog is correct and if he see his shadow it will be another 6 weeks of Winter.But  if not then will be getting ready for some well overdue warm weather  you can find some fun Lessons  here on this link
On to my Next  is Fri…