The world of make believe and Fairy Tales

 The world of make believe and Fairy Tales

What grabs your attentions when you read a well written book?  Have you ever been so deeply involved in the book were it has you hooked  and you can not put it down. Well for me their has been several books I love taking  the time to read and enjoy them. Here is were I am going with this my kids are young  and their still finding what they love and at the  moment it is Fairy tales and some fables my ten year old loves reading the Fairy tales with a twist to them .

And I have to say I really enjoyed how some of these books have churned out and some I would preferred not to have read.My eight  and five year  old  also prefers the twist on the Fairy tales my son also tells me not all stories have Happy endings and he is so right about that one .He likes to believe the characters that  once were evil can be good again and I agree with him all the way. So let me ask you what are some of your favorite Fairy tales  are fables that your enchanted with? What books have made your reading list worth while?

Here is a few books from my children reading list that we have read in the last few months and have enjoyed

 The Land Of Stories by Chris Colfer  Must read all three books they will have you hooked for sure 

Twice Upon a Time

Wild Magic By: Cat Weatherill

The Fairy-Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm, #1) 
I would love to here some feed back on some of your favorite books that you are reading. Let me know if you read some of these books and what were your thoughts with them.

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