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A List Of My Top Ten Free Resources And Blogs

I wanted to put a list of my top 10 blog sites with free resources and other helpful tips and ideas for back to school please take a look A blog with free resources and links This blog has free resources and curriculum free kids stuff free worksheets unit studies and lap books free resources free printable and tips along with encouragement for home school families free resources and activities airplane-antonym-worksheet/  free resources free resources  free resou…

Learn How To Make Glove Animals

Glove Animals
Dog and bunny stuffed gloves this pic came from Martha Stewart  
You can find step by step instructions on this craft on this link provided

Last Saturday my kids learn how to make a glove bunny from their art class. Their bunny may  not look like  the instructors but the point is they had fun making them. here is the bunny's my kids made

my son  robin named his bunny roger he finished his at home   my daughter jaz  named hers bella

 and this one is by my  daughter patricia she named her bunny bells 

As you can see they had fun decorating their bunny's in their own style this is a fun project  and can be time consuming but worth it in the end. Your kids will love it and not to mention have a new stuffed friend here is a how to video I found on Martha Stewart crafts click on the link and it will take you to the video