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Legit Work At Home Jobs For Moms

Work at home moms and/ homeschool moms

Are you a mom who's looking for work at home.Are you looking for full-time part-time or even seasonal if the answer is yes and you are not sure where to look I will tell you right now where to go!

I am currently working at home along with homeschooling, and blogging it has not always been easy but it does have its benefits. I like that I can work  from home, and I get to be the full time mommy who can contribute to my family income.

You will be able to find a real work at home job there are several to choose from I will give you a list of jobs that I know to be Legit And I will list a few sites to find work at home jobs.

* U-haul-  Hires Customer Agents,U Box Agents
*SFI- looking for Affilates, Team  Leaders
*Apple- At Home chat specialist, At Home Advisors,Customer Relations, Manager,and more
* Amazon…

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone- Found at el-Rashid, Egypt196 BC

If you were to go to the British Museum you would see visitors all Craning to see this object. It is on every visitors itinerary and with the mummies, it is the most Popular object in the British Museum. This dreary bit of granite has played a main attraction and three fascinating and different: The story of the Greek Kings who ruled in Alexandria after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt; The story of the French and British imperial competition across the Middle East after Napoleon invaded Egypt; And the extraordinary but peaceful scholarly  contest that led to the most famous decipherment in history- the cracking of the hieroglyphs. The Rosetta Stone associated with a ruler who was not strong who was weak, A king who had to bargain for and protect his power by borrowing the invisible strength of the gods and more precisely, the priest.

He was Ptolemy V, hey Greek boy king who came to the Throne of Egypt as an orphan in 205 BC at the age…

Niagara Falls

Have you ever wondered how Niagara Falls got its name?The name Niagara comes from ongniaahra.This word means "thundering waters"in the language of the Iroquios people.The Iroquois were amongst the people to live near the falls. The story of Niagara Falls starts during the last Ice Age, which began about 2 million years ago.At that time in enormous  glaciers, and ice sheets ,moved across North America and other places on earth.As they moved ,the glaciers picked up huge rocks, sort of like snowballs rolling over dirt. The rocks scraped the land like bulldozers, carving out huge groves  and craters. About 10,000 years ago, Earth's climate warmed and the glaciers melted the craters and Groves filled with water from the melting glaciers. In North America, some of these craters and Groves became the Great Lakes, the Niagara River, and Niagara Falls. There is two main sections to Niagara Falls the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls and in between the two is a small island …

The Top 8 Dangerous Mountains To Climb

From all around the world climbers of all sorts of scale love to climb the worlds deadliest Mountains to make it to the top of the peak. In spite of all the dangers the mountains continue to lure climbers from all around here is a list of eight Deadliest mountains to climb.

Mount Everest
Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth it is located in Mhalangur section of the Himalayas.It's peak is 8848 m (29,029ft)above sea level it is not the furthest summit from the center of Earth that would be Mount Chimborazo, in the Andes.The main climbing Route that approches the summit from south-eastern Nepal and the other from the North of Tibet Everest  has alot of dangers such as altitude ,sickness and the weather, bad winds, avalanches and the Khumbu IceFalls more then 250 people have died trying to climb it.

Fitz Roy
Fitz Roy,is located near El Chalten village, In SouthernPatagonian Ice Field in Patagonia, on the border between Argentina,and Chile,Fitz Ray remains amongst the most te…

Foxes Worldwide

The world is home to an estimated twenty-three species of foxes.And,out of those ten are called "true foxes", this includes the red fox.You can find foxes on every continent except Antarctica and Australia,but red foxes have lived in Australia since humans introduce them in 1800s.You can find the red fox through out most of North America,from northern Mexico,to the Arctic, and in Europe,Asia and North Africa.The red fox is known to be the largest Fox the European Variety  grows bigger than the northern American one.The coat on the red fox does not always stay the same red sometimes shades of reddish brown or reddish orange, or sometimes other colors such as black,or  silver, gray, or yellow.A quarter of red foxes are cross ,meaning streaked with dark fur down there back and across their shoulders.regardless of the upper -coat color, Foxes  bellies are usually white or light yellow.

You can find the gray fox in the woods and swamps of the United States, Central America,and S…

How to Build a Snow Shelter

Most likely, you will never need to do this.But in case of emergency, knowing how to make a quick shelter is essential survival skill.
The beauty of a snow cave is they are very warm.
No matter how cold the air gets, snow is always 32degrees Fahrenheit above zero(0•C),so a snow cave is always at least that warm .There are several kinds of snow shelters.Some are more elaborate than others.I will list instructions for two very easy kinds.Youwill need a shovel for the first one and for the second one you will need a shovel and a snow saw.
The Mound
Step 1: Throw all your gear,whatever you have into a big pile be sure to keep your shovel out.
Step2:Shovel lots of snow on to your gear.
Step3:When your gear is completely buried,climb up on the mound and stamp the snow solid.Then,more snow and stamp it again.
Step4:Dig a tunnel in to your gear.beginning a few feet away from the mound,dig down forward,so the tunnel will come out under your mound of gear.
Step5:Pull your gear,piece by piece,ou…

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park is located in Alberta Canada Region Europe and North America.

The park is situated in the valley of Red Deer River,it is known for being one of the richest dinosaur fossil locales in the world.
Since early discoveries,paleontologist have found bones from over forty diffrent species,of dinosaurs in Southern Alberta.There has also been 500 complete dinosaurs skeletons some were unknown until their bones were found in Alberta.

In 1955 the government of Canada decided to protect the bones.And this is how Dinosaur Provincial Park was created.The park covers 28 square miles
According to park rules scientists are still aloud to dig up the dinosaur bones in the park.But they will need to have permits from the government.Pepole who are not scientists are not allowed to dig up bones or walk through certain areas of the park.This keeps tourist from stepping or damaging the bones. In 1979The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) tries…

Pacific Rim National Park

Pacific Rim National Park

Vancover Island is Island in the Pacific Ocean.It is part of British Columbia.Vancover is the largest Island along the western coast of North America. It is about 285 miles (460km) long and up to 80 miles wide in spots.

The Pacific Island coastline is known as a graveyard to sailors the reason why it is dangerous to ships.Fierce storm can suddenly come in from the ocean with no warning.Winds can roar up to 60 miles an hour.This can cause monster waves as tall as a building.As well to zero visibility ships can get stuck in the current along the coast.The fast streams off water can grab ships and pull them on to rocks.Since 1856 almost three hundred have sunk off the coast of Vancover Island.

In 1970 the Canadian government created the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.Park workers rebuilt the life-saving trail as a hiking trail.The trail became open to hikers in 1980 it was called the west coast trail the trail Is 48 miles long.The trail is only on…

Shark Facts

For those of you who have been anticipating,shark week you won't have to wait very much longer.Shark week begins July 5,2015 on Discovery. In the meantime here are a few facts to know.

Sharks are characterized by cartilaginous skeleton and they have 5 to 7 gill slits on the side of their head.And they have pectoral fins not fused to the head.
The earliest known shark dates back 420 million years ago.Since then,Sharks have diverse into 500 species.They can range in size from small, to a dwarf lantern shark the largest shark is a whale shark.
You will be able to find sharks all over the sea sharks are commonly found up to depth of 2,000 meters.They are generally not one for freshwater,but there has been a few known exceptions, the bull shark and River shark ,can survive and be found in freshwater and sea water.They breathe through 5 to 7 gill slits.
You will also find they have several replacement teeth. Well-knownSharks such as the great white shark, Tiger shark, blue shark, are a…

Facts About Gray Wolves

If we were to go back into history, we would see human and wolves working together.People had pet wolves that would help them protect their farm animals, and help them hunt for food.People decide to breed these pet wolves. Over time, pet dogs were bred from pet wolves.
People have coexisted with wolves for along time.We have no reason to kill wolves to protect are farm animals or ourselves. If we allow wolves to live they will keep the balance in the wild.
You may have heard scare stories of wolves attacking and killing people.But there is no records of gray wolves killing any body in North America.But that don't stop people killing them.Thousands of Gray wolves have died,and for what?
Wolves are predators.They need to be able to hunt and prey as big as elk to feed their packs.There are people who feel they should kill all wolves to protect  game and farm animals and some are just scared.People have killed many wolves that only a few are left in Europe,the United States and Mexico…

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell is a famous and important symbol of American independence.It Is also one of America's most recognized symbols,you probably have seen the symbol featured on the new $100 bill as well as stamps and coins and maybe some logos.The Liberty Bell was originally called the State House Bell or Province Bell and later became known as the Liberty Bell named byAbolitionist(  the freedom fighters).You will find the Liberty Bell located in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.The Liberty Bell was originally cast  in 1752 ,London ,England it was commissioned for Pennsylvania State hall also  known now as (Indpendence hall).

The The bell acquired a crack after the bell cracked it was recasted in 1753 by John pass and John Stow you will find their last names on the bell.The bell had been broken up and then copper  added to the metal,this was to help make it less brittle.The bell was restored and rung at the first public reading of the declaration of independence in Philadelp…