Facts About Gray Wolves

If we were to go back into history, we would see human and wolves working together.People had pet wolves that would help them protect their farm animals, and help them hunt for food.People decide to breed these pet wolves. Over time, pet dogs were bred from pet wolves.

People have coexisted with wolves for along time.We have no reason to kill wolves to protect are farm animals or ourselves. If we allow wolves to live they will keep the balance in the wild.

You may have heard scare stories of wolves attacking and killing people.But there is no records of gray wolves killing any body in North America.But that don't stop people killing them.Thousands of Gray wolves have died,and for what?

Wolves are predators.They need to be able to hunt and prey as big as elk to feed their packs.There are people who feel they should kill all wolves to protect  game and farm animals and some are just scared.People have killed many wolves that only a few are left in Europe,the United States and Mexico.

Like most wild dogs run in packs so do wolves.And Each pack has a alpha male and alpha female.They are the leaders of their pack as well as the mating pair. Only the alphas will have pups.They will also settle fights and tell the other wolves when to hunt. 

The other wolves in the pack will help the alphas.They will help protect,feed,and play with the pups all the wolves in the pack love the pups.

In winter the wolves will mate. And before the pups arrives,the female will find a den for her to give birth and hide the pups away until their older.As soon as the pups are older they will be introduced to the pack. The wolves will greet the new pups with wild yips and howls and licks.
Sometimes pack life can be hard for the pups.They will bitten,barked at, and nudge in their place in the pack.They will need to work to move up in the pack.The good hunters will be allowed to eat first while the quiet one has to wait to eat last.

Living in a pack is better than living alone.The pack is safe.The wolves share food,an each wolves no where it fits in.Most wolves will spend their whole life in one pack and one out of 10 will adventure on their own.Stray wolves will have a tough life. They will need to work harder to catch smaller prey.They will travel up to 500 miles for new territory the home needs to be easy to protect and have enough prey to feed a pack.

Wolves looks for territories in distant away from people.They will look for distant forest as well as wide tundras away from people who hunt them.Gray Wolves use to live all over Europe,Asia,and North America. Now they only live in wilderness areas and national parks.

Their is only a few hundred wolves that live in the United States sence the 1950's their has been a few Rangers and biologist who have been returning them to the National Park.

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