How to Build a Snow Shelter

Most likely, you will never need to do this.But in case of emergency, knowing how to make a quick shelter is essential survival skill.
The beauty of a snow cave is they are very warm.
No matter how cold the air gets, snow is always 32degrees Fahrenheit above zero(0•C),so a snow cave is always at least that warm .There are several kinds of snow shelters.Some are more elaborate than others.I will list instructions for two very easy kinds.Youwill need a shovel for the first one and for the second one you will need a shovel and a snow saw.
The Mound
Step 1: Throw all your gear,whatever you have into a big pile be sure to keep your shovel out.
Step2:Shovel lots of snow on to your gear.
Step3:When your gear is completely buried,climb up on the mound and stamp the snow solid.Then,more snow and stamp it again.
Step4:Dig a tunnel in to your gear.beginning a few feet away from the mound,dig down forward,so the tunnel will come out under your mound of gear.
Step5:Pull your gear,piece by piece,out of the tunnel.
Step6:Scoot into the tunnel yourself now you have a snow shelter!

This shelter is very quick to make and will hold quite well.

The Trench
Step:1 Dig a trench in the snow a few feet longer than your height and lease 2 feet deep.
Step:2 Use a snow saw to cut blocks of snow the number of blocks you need depends on the size of your trench.
Step:3 Place the blocks of snow across the top of your trench if possible create a cathedral ceiling by tipping two blocks against each other.
Step4: Pack snow and all the cracks between the blocks of snow.
Step5:Place a final block of snow next to the entrance to your trench.Climb in and pull the door  down block as tightly against the interests as you can don't worry if you completely filled in every crack -you need some air vents to breathe.

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