Pacific Rim National Park

Pacific Rim National Park

Vancover Island is Island in the Pacific Ocean.It is part of British Columbia.Vancover is the largest Island along the western coast of North America. It is about 285 miles (460km) long and up to 80 miles wide in spots.

The Pacific Island coastline is known as a graveyard to sailors the reason why it is dangerous to ships.Fierce storm can suddenly come in from the ocean with no warning.Winds can roar up to 60 miles an hour.This can cause monster waves as tall as a building.As well to zero visibility ships can get stuck in the current along the coast.The fast streams off water can grab ships and pull them on to rocks.Since 1856 almost three hundred have sunk off the coast of Vancover Island.

In 1970 the Canadian government created the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.Park workers rebuilt the life-saving trail as a hiking trail.The trail became open to hikers in 1980 it was called the west coast trail the trail Is 48 miles long.The trail is only one part of the park.this park is filled with wonders the park stretches 100 miles along The southernwest coast.Vancouver Island is extended from the town of Port Renfrew in the south to the town of Tofino to the North,in between The park is full of rivers,beaches,lakes,Forest,meadows,valleys and mountains.Can you believe Canada has a rain forest that's pretty cool I think.The parks weather stays cool all year around  it get 10 feet of rain each year.The rain forest is filled with Towering trees that block out the sun light the ground it's self is covered with green carpet of Moss and ferns.

One of the things Pacific Rim is known for is the beaches that stretch 15miles. Visitors will come enjoy them selfs by walking,jogging, swimming and sea kayaking.And twice a year you can see Gray Whales swim past the beach.

Another famous part of the Island is called the broken Island,there is hundreds of small islands called Barkley.Barkley sound is a bay,A small section of the sea that cuts into the coastline this part of the sea is pretty calm.These islands are sheltered inside  the bay they do not receive high waves or fierce winds of the ocean. For almost 4000 years,Barkely sound has been home to the Nau-Chah-Nutth Pepole.

They are the First Nation Pepole that means their ancestors were the first people to live in this region.Pacific Rim National Park is one of Canada's most popular tourist attraction over 1 million visit the park A year. The park rules for bid cutting trees down hunting or constructing buildings or other activity that can harm plants and animals.

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