Try These Hobbies For Your Summer Break

Summer is coming and you want to keep your kids interested in having fun while learning  at the same time that is why you should pick some fun hobbies for Summer do you have anything in mind if not here is a few suggestions you will like.For the little kids and big kids try some Lego games here is a link that has 20 fun things to do with Lego's
are you can  try learning some Magic tricks here is some links to learning the art of magic tricks
Are you  can learn how to make Marionette Puppet for fun Here is another fun hobbies Jewelry making 
here is a video on jewelry making

and here is one more fun thing to do learn how to make Candles
 Their is so many kinds of hobbies here is a list you can check out and see if any of these hobbies intrastate you

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