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The Strangest Frogs I have Seen

The Strangest Frogs I have seen

When I was a kid I would find toads in my back yard and I loved to catch them and chase all my friends with them. They used to get so mad they would say you’re going to get warts and I would laugh about them saying that I would tell them it was just a silly story people made  up to scare you. But I have to admit if I found one of these weird looking frogs or toads I probably would run. Here is a list of some of the worlds, strangest ,and poisonous frogs.

1. The Purple Frog -Nasikabatrachus Sahyadrensis 

Is a frog species belonging to the family Sogglossidae it can be found in the Western Ghats in India name in English that have been used for the species are purple frog , Indian purple frog or pig nose frog.

2.Gopher Frog 
Gopher Fogs are mainly found in the flat coastal areas from southeastern United States from central North Carolina to the east and west cost. these are nocturnal creatures noted for their short stubby appearance marked heavily with dark  spots .
 3. Malagasy Rainbow Frog
Also known as the ornate hopper or the red rain frog ,this species origins is Madagascar,it is said to the rarest and most remarkable  amphibians in the world.

4. Goliath Frog
The largest species of frogs it can grow to be 13 inches 33 cm from snout to vent and weighs up to eight pounds .

4. Glass Frog
The Glass frog this unique frog you can actually look write threw it a see it organs. The glass frog is very small it is the size of a fingernail you can find it in the Rain forest on the Amazonian Andean slopes of Ecuador and Peru

5. Poison  Dart Frogs
A common name species native to Central America and South America their is 175 of these species each are toxic but there toxic level differs from each species.

6. Darwins Frog 
 Native to the Rainforest of Chile and Argentina they are small and the most unique thing is the tadpoles can grow inside the Males vocal cords.

7. Vietnamese Mossy Frog
You can find this frog in Vietnam or China its naturally habitats are subtropical are tropical moist wetlands.


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