Super Structures And Mega Structures Made by People And Animals

Super Structures And Mega Structures

What comes to mind when you thing about Mega are Super Structures? Do you picture super big Buildings what else comes to mind? Well I can tell you People are not the only Architects out their we have some amazing animals that have created their own Super Structures can you guess what kind of Animals? I have seen some amazing Structures made by the best Architects and Engineers in the world including from these beautiful and smart  animals.We have made a substantial change to are environment when we build these structures to live in or work in,play in We are not the only ones even animals do they change their environment to fit their living needs you will be surprised how well they build their complex  homes so here is my list of Animals who I believe do a excellent job.

1. The Sociable Weaver
This bird comes from Africa it is the male weaver who builds the nest to attract the female with his artistic skill.They build large compound nest that can fit up to 400 birds apartment style nest which can be 8 meters wide 25 feet and a meter half  high and 5 ft high  that will also include separate rooms for nesting
   For more information on this bird here is a link you can read more information about them

2.Naked Mole Rats

The Naked Mole Rat lives underground it is  blind and can not hear they have tiny fine hairs on its body that act as whiskers they have very long teeth and claws they use their front teeth to dig the burrows these underground burrows can be as big as 20 football fields house hundreds of family members they can run backwards as well as forward  for more on the Naked mole rat check out this link
3.Red Fire Ants
Red Fire Ants can be a nuisance but they  can make big colonies underground This video will show the largest colonies  found

This is just some of the best I have seen I know their are more animals and insects I could List  but I find these little guys incredible.

Now on to Some Man Made Structures 

1.The Burj  Kahlifa
This is the tallest building  for more on this building check ou this link
2. Bejinig National Stadium 
If you would like to know more information come check this link out
 3. Jeddah Light Saudi Arabi
the largest light House the structure is 133 meters tall. for more information check out this link

So for those of you who like Lego Structures please take a look at this 

I hope to here from you out their on you favorite structures  

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