Orchids That Resemble Animals

 Mother Nature can be very deceiving when it comes to the world of Insects and flowers they are very similar not wanting to get eaten by other animals are insects but in this case the orchid plays the role of an insect predator what bug can resist a beautiful flower.  Orchids come in all shape and size and colors did you know there is 100,000 hybrids in the world and 22,000 orchids that scientist have identified. They are simply amazing and beautiful and that is why I love them here are a few orchids that can take on an shape to look like an animal.

Binomial Name- Phalaenopsis
Resembles-Moth Orchids 
Bloom - In dry to cool seasons
Flowers - 1-10
Location -Asia ,Himalayan  Mountains, Philippines, Australia , New Guinea 
Fact- Most epiphytic -shade plants a few are lithophytes in the wild you can find some of these species grow down below the canopies of moist and humid forest need to be protected from direct sunlight other can grow  seasonally in dry  to cool environments these plants have adapted individual to these habitats.   

Binomial Name-Ophrys Apifera 
Resembles-Bumble Bee  
Bloom-Mid Spring Early Summer 
Fact-This orchid will lure male bees by smelling like a female bee it smell and looks like can deceives the male bee so when the male bee comes over to mate  it is covered in pollen and this will help pollinating to the next orchid it visits.


Binomial Name-Habenaria Radiatas
Resembles- A White Egret Crane
Bloom- Late Summer or Fall
Flowers-2-3 per stem
Location-China, Korea, Russia
Fact-The White Egret Crane can produce 3 replacement bulbs if handle properly this plant can easily multiply. 

Binomial Name -Dracula Simia 
Bloom-Year Around
Flowers-1 per stem
Location-Southeast’s Ecuador 
Fact-This is a popular Orchid most know fore looking like a monkey you can find them in the Mountains of Ecuador they enjoy humidity and are accustomed to cooler temperatures. 

Binomial Name - Caleana Major
Resembles-A Flying Duck
 Bloom-Fall to Mid -Winter 
Location Eastern and Southern Australia
Fact-The unique shape attracts insects to pollinate the flower the flower is small and barely notice out in the open. 

Binomial Name-Persteria Elata
Resembles- A Dove Orchid
Location Central America
Fact-Dove Orchid are in Danger and becoming extinct due to be poached and sold they currently the state flower fore Panama and covered under state laws to be protected under the endangered species .

Binomial Name -Prosthechea Cochleata
Resembles-Green Squid
Bloom-Year Around
Location- Central America, Caribbean  Basin ,Florida Ever Glades
Fact- This orchid is also on the endangered species act in Florida 

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