7 Women Scientist We Should Know

How many Women Scientist Can You Name?

 There has been survey's done in America and in Briton to see how many women scientist that people could name. The average amount of people could only name one or two and in some case none. There  has been 80+Women Scientist who have made some kind of a mark in mathematics and in medicine. I have pick 7 women that you might know .

Name-Marie Curie
Known as the Mother of Modern Physics she invented the term radioactivity she was  a pioneer in her research . In 1903 she was the first woman to  ever receive the Nobel Prize in physics and she was also the first  female to win two different disciplines in 1911 in chemistry.

Name- Marie Goeppert  -Mayer
  She was the second woman to win Physics Nobel Prize, she won the prize in 1963 for her studies of nuclear structures.She came to the United States from Germany and she was part of a secret work on nuclear fission during WW2

Name-Annie Jump Cannon
Her method in cataloging based on the temperatures  and composition of the stars and her extensive data for more than 400,000 stars has been a major research in the field of astronomy and  astrophysics.

Name-Rachel Carson
She used her education and early work in biology to write about science including the oceans, and later on about environmental crisis created by toxic chemicals in water and in land Her best known book was in 1963 called Silent  Spring .

Name-Margaret Mead
Anthropologist Margaret Mead she worked for many years at the American Museum of Natural History and lectured at several different University's.

Name - Jane Goodall
Primatologist Jane Goodall has closely observed chimpanzees in the wild studying their social their social organizations and other aspects of their behavior.

Name - Florence Nightingale
She transformed nursing in to a train profession in her work in English military  hospitals   in the Crimean war she applied scientific thinking and established sanitary conditions including clean bedding, clothing reducing death rate and she also created the pie chart

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