Beautiful And Odd Mushrooms From Around The World

Odd And Beautiful Fungus  

When I think of Mushrooms  I picture  the ones from the grocery store  such as  White buttons  or Portobellos  never did I imagine how many wild and unique mushrooms their is in the world.Me and the kids decide to learn  more information  about mushrooms and gain some insight  in to the world of fungus.I have never seen so many weird or colorful mushrooms. I have chosen my top ten that I felt looked odd enjoy.

1.Morchella, morel mushrooms are pruney-,sponge like ahem,well phallic-shaped like little plants.They are coveted by chefs and foodies alike. They are known for their unique meaty taste and seance their only found seasonally they are quite costly. fore more information

2.Stink horns  
Stink horns produce a stinky mass called the gleba ,which stinks of carrion and a sewage like smell it is best you keep your distance from these smelly mushrooms You can find these mushrooms in the of Australia. fore more information

3.The Brain Mushroom
It normally sprouts in sand and under coniferous tress in spring and early summer this can be potentially fatal if eaten raw. more on this mushroom link

4.Bleeding Tooth Fungus
You can find this fungas in North America where it is more common in the Pacific,you can also find it in Europe,Iran and Korea. you can find more information on this link

5.The Giant Puffball
The giant puffball is most known for it shape and size the largest one on record is 5 foot and 50 pounds.You can find more information on this link

6.Turkey Tail
The only fungas in the forest to look like a turkey tail fore more information go to this link 

7.Bearded Tooth Mushroom
This mushroom has a noodle look to it and it is  Edible to eat the  mushroom is common to find in late summer and fall on dead hardwoods fore more information go to this link

8.Fly Amanita
The worlds famous mushroom these are highly poisonous look here  more information check out this link

9.Silver mushrooms
A -light emitting mushroom a material which produce light through a chemical action and highly poisonous 

10.Jelly Ear mushrooms

It owes its name to it shape of ear when leaves grow wrinkling it normally grows in fall and it is edible to eat.

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