Questions I Have Been Asked About Homeschooling

One thing I have learned in the last five years,when it comes to people who have never homeschooled they have lots of questions. They are naturally curious on how homeschooling works and they are not shy when it comes to asking questions. And I have always welcome the questions, no matter how many times the questions come up. I decided to list the top ten questions I get asked frequently and my answers too them.

My first question is the one that comes up in every conversation.
1.)How do you socialize your children with other children? When and how does this happen?
My answer- My children have other activities outside the home, and they socialize with both homeschoolers and Traditional schoolers. My children play with their friends everyday. My kids are also signed up in outside classes they have art,music and science with are local science center.

2.) Have your children always been homeschooled?
 My answer - Yes!!

3.) Do you set your own hours?
My answer? Yes we normally will work through the morning allowing us free time in the afternoon.

4.) Do you plan to homeschool through HighSchool?
My answer- Yes, my current plan is to homeschool through HighSchool but I can not say what are future has in store for us.

5.) How do you get the materials to teach your children?
My answer - Well there are several ways one of my main resources on getting materials is using our public library. They have a great selection of books just for homeschoolers. I also search the internet you can find lots of free resources online another method I use is are local thrift store or garage sales.

6.) Do your kids ever ask to go to public school?
My answer - My children have never asked to go to public school.

7.) If  I was to consider the options to homeschool what advice will you give me? My answer - I would say do as much research on homeschooling as you can see if it is good fit for you and your family. Maybe join a homeschool support group ask questions that can help you better understand homeschooling. And go with what your heart tells you.

8.) What are some of the benefits to homeschooling?
My answer - Well for me it is flexibility we can set are own schedule travel if we like.And they learn on the road Making field trips and exploring places,  And my children learn at their own pace.

9.) Do you homeschool all of your children?
My answer - The answer to this question simple, Yes all three of my children are homeschooled.

10.) If there is a subject you don't know how do you teach them My answer -  That is simple I will bring in a tutor if me or my children's dad have no understanding on the subject.

I have had several different questions asked over the years. But the questions above have been the most frequent. So my question to other homeschoolers is what are your most frequent asked questions that you have been asked?

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