The Storyteller

Children are natural storytellers they learn from imagination,listening,and creativity, they  have learn by assembling facts  and finding meaning in every day events.Storytelling  requires a certain set of skills and I believe my daughter Jasmine passes those skills.

See Jaz as I like to call her is a daydreamer,I have notice how her mind will drift into story mode her thinking deepen's and once that happen she is filled with ideas, and Vivid images appear. Allowing her a deeper level of understanding stories.Telling stories have always come easy for her. Jasmine has never taken a class or lesson to teach her the art of storytelling. She has abilities to listen to a story and then tell the stories. She's able to transfer the skills into speaking and writing in meaningFul narratives. 

The stories Jasmine make are often quite imaginative she has her own way to engage you in with her words, and ideas,and pictures. I find her very fascinating to watch my daughter understands how stories can change constantly she's able to blend imagination and reality. Jaz  love for listening and telling stories have pushed her to think more deeply read between the lines and 
  paint details she is a creative dreamer. I would Enjoy hearing from you readers on what inspires you when it comes to storytelling,do you have a child who is natural storyteller? What are they like when they start telling their stories? 

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