Cancun's Underwater Museum

 Cancun's Underwater Museum( MUSA)

I would love to take my kids snorkeling and visit this beautiful and enchanting underwater Museum the life like sculptors and sea life  make it worth a visit this is definitely on my list of places to visit but for now the kids  can watch some videos and view pictures.

Cancun's Underwater Museum( MUSA) is a Non -Profit Organization based in Cancun devoted to the Art Conservation .the Museum has a total of 500 sculptors  With three different galleries submerged they started on the project  in 2009 and completed in 2013 Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and  Dr.Jamie Gonzalez Miki started to create plans for a Under water Museum which would be formed by nature into a coral reef.It  took Jason deCaires Taylor  a total of 18 months 120 tons of concrete sand and gravel there was 3,8000 m fiber glass,400kg of silicone and

120 hours of working underwater to create this under water museum. The artist planned for the sculptors to become underwater artificial  reefs  the sculptors are created with ph-neutral marine concrete this was created with some help from marine  park officials.Some fire corals were planted near the initial sculptors.

 The Benefits
The underwater museum is to benefit the protection of the coral reefs the statues are a new technique  and materials for coral to grow and collect  you can look at as art saving the ocean.For each statue will help  the coral,seaweed and algae grow on  stable structures each statue has holes  placed in them and this  will also help wildlife to colonize and feed off the coral  the coral reefs will increase and so will the wildlife.

More Information on Sculptor  Jason deCaires Taylor go to this


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