Glow Worm Caves New Zealand


aitomo Glow Worm Caves

Now here is a place I would love to be adventurous and visit with the kids this would be a perfect learning experience for them they can learn about the beautiful countryside of New Zealand their breath taking caves and would be able to experience the glow worms first hand.

The Waitomo Glow Worm Caves is located in the Waikto Region of New Zealand North Island. It is part of the Waitomo Cave system, that includes Ruakuri cave and Arnui cave the cave serves as home to glow worms specifically Arachnocampa luminous these guys are not really worms but a type of larvae (maggot)they are from a fungus gnat the larva their form is long and slimy and will grow to be a match size. You can find the glow worm in massive amounts in Waitomo caves the fungas gnat larva can be found hanging on the walls.

rocks and suspend in air .The glow worms are quite the site to see their is several different types of glow worms and these ones are called Arachno which means  spider like because they are like spiders when it comes to catching other insects.

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