30 American Heroes Challenge

Today I challenge my kids to name me 30 American heroes. I told them they could be men or women, young, old from the past, or present, living or dead.  I expressed  to make sure whoever they pick had to make an exceptional and positive contribution to or world. At first, my kids came up with a few people that they had study on. Then my son said mom one of my heroes, is Spiderman I explained to my son that Spiderman was an imaginary hero, not an American hero. I knew coming up with a list of 30 wasn't going to be easy, for them. I told my kids to think of some men and women that they admire and look up to. I told them there is list of groups to choose from such as artist, aviators, scientists, journalists, inventors, athletes; I told them some are well known. And others deserved to be known. I told my kids who they choose should share admirable qualities: exceptional talent, and fierce determination. I explained to them that the American heroes should be courageous, confident, and committed to being the very best. They can be poor or rich any race or religion who they pick should be someone who makes a difference in are world and someone who wants fair treatment for everybody. I told my kids to think of actors or actress, musicians that they listened to and so far, we have a few people on the list I told my kids they have a week to finish this challenge.

 Just for fun Challenge
Here is my challenge to you! I challenge you to come up with more interesting stories of real heroes of your choice go on a heroes hunt one hero will lead you to the next you can also think of it as a scavenger hunt for heroes go online do some research or go to the library and see who you come up with this will be fun.
So far, my kids have picked
Walt Disney, - Animator, Filmmaker
George Washington Carver,-Educator, Plant Scientist
Elizabeth Blackwell, - Physician, Humanitarian
Abraham Lincoln, - U.S. President
Harriet Tubman, - Abolitionist, Freedom fighter
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, -Civil Rights Leader, Humanitarian, Minister
Rosa Parks, - Civil Rights Activist

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