Teaching Kids How To Build A Bottel Rocket

Here is a fun and easy project for kids to learn about rockets and how they work. You can teach kids five and up how to build this project they will enjoy watching as the  rocket launch and so will you .

This experiment will show you how build up in pressure can launch a rocket.As we pump air through the water the pressure inside the bottle builds up until the force of the air pushing on the water is enough to push the cork out of the end of the bottle. The water rushes out of the bottle in one direction whilst the bottle pushes back in the other. This results in the bottle shooting upwards.

Here is what you will need

  • an empty plastic bottle
  • cardboard made into a cone and  4 fins
  • a cork
  • a pump with a needle adapter
  • water
  • Push the needle adapter of the pump through the cork, it needs to go all the way through so you might have to trim the cork a little bit.
  • Decorate the bottle with the cone and fins.
  • Fill the bottle one quarter full of water and push the cork in tightly.
  • Take the bottle outside  and connect the pump to the needle adapter.If you  make strong fins it should stand up by itself.
  • Pump air into the bottle, making sure everyone stand back, the bottle will lift off with force after a few seconds.

Make Sure their is adult at all time rockets takes off fast and sudden.

Space rockets work in a similar way to the bottle, but instead of water they burn fuel to make a powerful jet of hot gas. The force of the gas  downwards pushes the rocket upwards.

This is demonstrated by the bottle rocket.

   Here is a live demonstration 

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