Socks And Crafts Can We Say Fun

A few days ago we made some sock puppets and my daughter made a hat for herself out of socks although I must say it looks like a head bandage but coming from a six year that is great job and I loved  it she was being her creative self.

I amazed on the variety of things you can make with socks their is sock dolls sock creatures sock toys and so many other wonderful things I want you all out their to see how many things there are and how fun these projects can be with your kids now I must say this is one of the best ways to recycle your old sock that are no  longer in use for you.Are you can buy new socks if you like the choice is your to make. So sit back kick up your socks and start making  your crafts  here is a few links with some directions and cute sock crafts enjoy
I absolutely love this site so many cute creations

Here is some  DIY videos on how to make these guys

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